Immortal Conquest Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Troops, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Immortal Conquest by NetEase Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Immortal Conquest Tip #1: Skills to Control Effects.
Among all the skills, some skills are able to control the enemy's effects.
These effects are namely:
Chaos: Makes the enemy dizzy such that they cannot attack or cast any Spells.
Confusion: Causes the enemy to lose their sanity and attack everybody, including their own soldiers.
Cowardice: The enemy will get cold feet and cannot even launch a common attack.
Silence: The enemy is not able to launch their active skills.
I have summarized the skills used to create these effects respectively for your reference as you plan your battle formation, skills and group your troops.

Gairo's power can be increased through recruiting soldiers.
Entrance: Main Page -> Main City -> Troop -> Recruitment.
1. Configure gairo into the troop and start to recruit when it stays in the main city
2. Recruitment consumes resources and time.
The more soldiers it recruited, the more resources and time it consumes.
3. After building Drill Grounds, the recruitment feature will unlock then, allowing one troop to recruit.

When the Drill Grounds are upgraded to levels 3 and 5, it will unlock one more queue to recruit.
Reminder :
1. Using militia to recruit won't take any time, only consuming resources and militia.
2. Recruiting consumes resources. If resources are insufficient at the time of recruitment, gairo will not have full soldiers.

Immortal Conquest Tip #3: Recruitment Consumption.
Recruitment consumes resources. Different kind of army consumes different amount of resources
Note : Open the Gairo stats page and see soldiers bar on the left side,
tap soldiers and check the resources one soldier consumes
Explanation: Cavalry consumes a large amount of iron, archers consume a large amount of wood, while infantry consumes an equal amount of different resources.

Immortal Conquest Tip #4: Tokens.
How to Earn:
1. One hour recovers one order.
2. Spend 60 gems to get 3 orders, up to 3 times a day.
1. Harvest (unlocks when fame is 2,500): It consumes 3 orders to harves once to earn resources quickly.
2. Training (unlocks when fame is 4000): It consumes 3 orders to train gairo, especially those low level gairo ( without battling).
Cap: 20 orders. For owning one more subcity, the order cap increases by 5.

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