King of Warship Cheats: Claim Codes, 3 Best Tips, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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King of Warship by HERO for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

King of Warships Tip #1: Basic Accessory & Weapon Parts.
1. Basic accessory research is the first step to research and evolve warship.
2. When port meet conditions, players can research a warship by research its 4 basic accessories.
To evolve a warship, players need to evolve its four basic accessories first.
3. Evolve warships to get more weapon slots.
4. Tap unlocked weapon slots to replace. upgrade and evolve weapons.
5. Consume blueprints to evolve, max tier: 10. Consume silver to upgrade, max level 10.
6.Weapons will unlock new effects or improve weapon effect trigger chance.

King of Warships Tip #2: Team Up Rule.
1 .Team up: Players haven't team up can create a new team by tap team up and players who already in a team will come back to the team if tap team up button.
2. Invitations: Everyone in the team can invite other players if there are still vacant place. Players can add invitation requirements.
Team level: Team level limits the warship stars that team member can use.
3. The more the level, the more the player can use 2-3 star warships, players, can use 3-4 star warships, 8 players. can use 4-5 star warship 8 players, can use 5 star warships 10 players.

King of Warships Tip #3: Warships.
Engine: Enhance to increase max speed and acceleration.
Steering: Enhance to increase turning speed and turning power.
Radar: Enhance to increase detection range.
Hull: Enhance to increase Hit Points and Armor Strength.
Torpedo has a slow speed players need to anticipate where target is moving and aim accordingly.
If you are using a submarine, please make sure to watch the remaining amount of oxygen.
Submarine is a stealthy hunter, excels at attacking warships with less mobility.
Players can claim fleet benefits after joining a fleet. The benefits are based on the level of the fleet.
Warships with more stars have higher rank limit, the highest is Tier X.
Different weapon enhancements can unlock chances to trigger buffs after certain ranks.

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