My Hospital Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Pharmacy, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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My Hospital by Cherrypick Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

My Hospital Tip #1: Selling and Buying in the Pharmacy.

To sell items in the Pharmacy:

1. Tap on you Pharmacy to go inside and open the Pharmacy window
2. Tap on an empty sales slot (with “NEW SALE” over it) to open your inventory window
3. Amongst the two tabs on the left side of the window choose if you want to sell items from your Storage or Tank
4. Tap on an item you want to sell from the list in the middle (below the current Storage/Tank capacity meter)
5. Customize your sale on the right hand side (select amount of the item you selected and the price)
6. Underneath the amount and price setting you will see an ADVERTISE button. Make sure it’s enabled for other players to see your offer in the BUY GOODS window

To buy items from other Pharmacies:

1. Tap on you Pharmacy to go inside and open the Pharmacy window
2. Tap the "BUY GOODS" button - the BUY GOODS list will open
3. Select an offer you are interested and tap on it
4. You will be taken to the sellers Pharmacy. Tap on the offers you want to buy
How can I get more capacity in my Storage and Tank?

My Hospital Tip #2: Storage and Tank Space.

1. If you have the required tools you can upgrade your Storage and/or Tank. Tap on the Storage/Tank and then on the Upgrade Storage/Tank button to see if you have enough tools. The tools can be find in Gift Boxes, when tapping on some patients who have a speech bubble over there heads, by collecting Cures and bonus rewards.

1. You can deliver some Elixirs or Mixtures to the Doctor Rooms freeing some space in your Tank

2. Put some unneeded items for sale in your Pharmacy. Tap on the Pharmacy and then on an empty slot to open the Sale Edit popup. You can get additional slots in the Pharmacy with Heart Diamonds.

3. Cure patients in Treatment Rooms or the VIP in the VIP Ward using Cures which you have collected in your Storage. If currently there is no patient for curing which you have the required cures you can select a patient who’s patient card shows cures that will be the hardest to get and you can dismiss him by tapping on the red button on his patient card. Hopefully the next patient who will take his place after a short while will have sicknesses that suit your currently stored cures.
How do I help other players with their Anti-Epidemic shipments

My Hospital Tip #3: Participating in gathering cures in your Anti-Epidemic Center.

- Select the box that you would like to ask for help with
- tap on the HELP button (with the icon of the sign with the "!")

You can ask for help with 3 boxes per shipment - choose wisely!

When visiting other hospitals you can spot a "!" icon over their Anti-Epidemic Center - that meens they asked for help.

- tap on the Anti-Epidemic Center of the visited hospital
- the boxes that are available for you to complete have the "!" sign icon over them
- tap on the box and you can complete the box. You will get the reward for the box!

My Hospital Tip #4: Making White Elixir and where to find more cures and elixirs to produce.

When making elixirs and cures in your Lab you can switch the page of the list of the available items to produce. On the example of White Elixir:

White Elixir is the forth elixir, it is unlocked on level 6 and is located on the second page of the elixir list. To produce it in the Test Tube Tables:

1. tap on an empty Test Tube Table -> you will see the first three elixirs (blue, yellow and bubbly blue)

2. tap on the arrow button next to the area with the icons to turn the page -> you will notice there are more elixirs to produce on the second page

3. Produce White Elixir

My Hospital Tip #5: Getting Positive Energy from to run Diagnostic Stations.

To earn Positive Energy used to run the X-Ray and later other diagnostic station, you have to cure Kids in your Doctor Rooms. Once you renew the Kids Ward unlocked on level 12, Kids start talking spots in the lines to each doctor (the little patients with the sun icon over their heads and with a sun icon on the portrait when you open the given doctor’s line).

Each kid cured in a Doctor Room apart of a coin reward gives you the desired Positive Energy (different amounts for every doctor).

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