Neko Gacha Cheats: Redeem Code & 7 Quick Tips for Players, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Neko Gacha by Lunime for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Neko Gacha Tip #1: Neko Quest.
Assemble your strongest neko team to battle the boss nekos in neko quest!
Journey through 11 different worlds each filled with more powerful bosses!

You will unlock the next quest after beating the previous one.
Make sure your nekos are ready for battle! Collect duplicates of Nekos in the gacha to increase their levels.
You can also play mini-games to earn experience!

When your Neko fever bar fills all the way up, it's time to tap!
Click on the bar to activate neko fever, then tap your nekos as fast as you can to unleash a flurry of attacks on the boss.

Neko Gacha Tip #2: Neko Mini Games.
Jump hurdles in neko leap, dodge traffic in neko roll, block shots in neko soccer, pet your team in neko pat, rock out in neko band, and test your mind in neko memory!
Reach certain score levels to earn coins and gems! Switch from ease mode to hard mode to earn even more rewards!
Click on the crown symbol next to a game to submit your high score to the leaderboard!

Neko Gacha Tip #3: Decorate Home!
Click edit room to customize your items on display.
You can buy more decorations in the shop.
Want some fresh air? Click outside to go in your backyard.

Neko Gacha Tip #4: Manage Nekos!
Assemble your team of five nekos by clicking Neko teams!.
Do you want to learn about all the nekos you have?
Click neko collection to view them all and see their personalities and hobbies.

Neko Gacha Tip #5: Gatcha for Nekos!
Use 100 Neko coins for 1 Pull or 1000 coins for 11 pulls.
Want to increase your gacha luck?
Click the Gem button to switch to the neko gem gatcha machine, which gives you better chances to win legendary nekos.

Neko Gacha Tip #6: Play Games!
Click on the Play icon to choose from neko quest, mini games or neko parade!
Neko Quest: Assemble your best neko team to battle boss nekos.
Neko Mini Games: Choose from six mini games to win coins and gems!
Neko Parade: Battle Boss Nekos using every neko from a star rarity.

Neko Gacha Tip #7: Go Shopping!
Go to the shop to purchase items to decorate your room with!
Choose from wallpaper, floors, furniture, tables, wall decorations, corner items, toys, tableware and food items.
Create a unique room and invite your friends to come visit!

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