RPG Fairy Elements Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Weapon Strengthen, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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RPG Fairy Elements by KEMCO & EXE-CREATE for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

RPG Fairy Elements Tip #1: The Fortifying System.
Fortify weapons and armor for hugely increased battle strength!
You can fortify weapons and armor from Menu => Custom.

Fortified weapons and armor are changed into items that are stronger than before fortifying.
Special resources are needed for fortifying.

Weapon Fortifying
1. Choose the base weapon for fortifying.
2. Choose the weapon you want to fortify.
(If there are multiple weapons, just one).
3. Details of the resources needed for fortifying will be shown.
(The amount of you own, and the amount that will be used).
4. When you select "Fortify", the base weapon will be changed into the fortified weapon.
5. The attack strength of the fortified weapon increases, and in some cases, the slot levels also go up.
6. If you continue to fortify the weapon, and increase the level of the weapon slots, you will become able to fit hgih level crystals, and use powerful skills.
7. Also, if you fortify a weapon to the maximum extent, you can transmigrate the weapon by using Transmigration Ore.

Weapon Transmigration.
If you transmigrate a weapon, it returns to the original weapon, but the increased attack strength and slots remain.

Also, the level of the main slot and the sub-slots (increased by fortifying) also rises. (Max 4 Levels).

By repeating fortifying and transmigration, you can create a super-strong weapon with many slots and high slot levels, and a high base attack value.

Fortifying Armor.
Armor can be fortified, the same as with weapons.

Armor fortified to a high level gains a changed appearance, and defense strength also goes up greatly.

However, unlike with weapons, armor transmigration is not possible.

RPG Fairy Elements Tip #2: Cauldrons.
Simple and convenient! Easy Weapon strengthening!

Cauldrons are strange pots. They allow you to easily raise the attack strength of weapons.
The amount by which the attack strength is raised depends on the type of cauldron you use.
After you use a cauldron once, it needs time to cool, so it becomes unusable for a while.
There is an item that shortens the time needed before cauldrons can be used again.

1. Go to Menu => Cauldrons.
2. Decide the cauldron you want to use, and select forge weapon.
3. Select the weapon you want to forge in the cauldron.
4. Select the forging method.
- Quick forging: small effect / one hour to cool.
- Full forging: large effect / six hours to cool.
5. The weapon will be strengthen immediately.
6. The cauldron you used will need cooling time, depending on the method of forging.
- Quick forging: one hour to cool.
- Full forging: six hours to cool.
7. You can forge another weapon after the cooling time has passed, or by using items or another cauldron.
* Additional cauldrons and increased levels are shared across all saved data.