Star City Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Best City, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Star City for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Star City Tip #1; Workers and Buildings.
To move buildings around, tap and hold a building, and then drag to move the building.
A worker's jobs include: construct buildings, explore natural resource voyage exploring.
To get new workers, construct a new house unlocks a new workers.
Food is important because without the food, the worker cannot do anything.
To get more food, collect from the cookhouse, purchase from the market and purchase from an exploration ship.

Star City Tip #2: Resources, Construction Materials and Expansion Tools.
There are 6 natural resources: Wood, Water, Sand, Ores, Flowers, Crude oil.
you can get wood from trees, water from the pool, get sand from the sand pile, get ores from ore rocks, get flowers from flower clusters, and get  crude oil from oil well.

To make rooms for new items for the base storage you can increase the base capacity, sell unwanted items in the market and Consume unwanted items by producing new items.

You can get construction materials and expansion tools by Occasionally dropped when collecting natural resources or products, Randomly dropped in the casino, Purchase from the market and Purchase from an exploration ship.

Star City Tip #3: Cargo Ships.
Use your exploration ship to purchase anything you want through the ship. But you need cost workers, foods and time.
Cargo ship is also needed to load cargo to earn coins and exp. Load all cargo and sent the ship to earn more.
You can earn XP to construct buildings, collect natural resources and products, fulfill portal orders and cargo orders.
you can also earn more coins by fulfilling portal orders and cargo ords and sell items in the shop.
Visiting a player is good way to purchase goods through the market, help loading the cargo ship and learn the city layout.

Star City Tip #4: Events.
Participate in Events to earn more rewards such as double coins event for the portal order and the cargo ship order, double xp event for the portal order and the cargo ship order and Accumulated rewards event for the portal order and the cargo ship order.
Space Express is need to save unclaimed rewards of accumulated rewards event and receive gifts and compensations from the Star City Team.

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