The Dark: Legend of Demon Hunter Cheats: Coupon Code & 3 Best Tips for Characters, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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The Dark RPG for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

The Dark: Legend of Demon Hunter Tip #1: Classes.
There are three class characters to start with:
1. Cat Lady "Dexterity Type"
2. Sword Master "Strength Type"
3. Battle Mage "Intelligence Type"

Cat Lady is good for killing enemies very fast because she has fast attack speed and she can land critical hits at higher rate.
Although she is good at attacking enemies, she is vulnerable to enemy attacks. That's why you need to increase her damage output to kill enemies fast to avoid receiving more damage from enemies.

Sword Master is good for tanking enemies because he has the highest defense in all classes, having highest defense and good damage is perfect for fighting enemy mobs.
Sword Master can survive and kill enemies without too much risk because of it's Defense and Strength. Although he has the highest damage in all classes, he has the weakest DPS (Damage per Second) in all classes because of it's low attack speed.

Battle Mage has the highest damage output when she uses her deadly skills. However using skills cost MP or Mana Points. She is fragile also but with skills, she can avoid taking damage and can kill enemies using few skills only.
Battle Mage is very powerful when she has mana. There are many ways to manage your mana usage, thus Battle Mage is the most powerful class in the game.

The Dark: Legend of Demon Hunter Tip #2: Stat Progression by character.

DEX 1 Point -> [Atk Speed] + 0.3% [Crit Rate] + 0.002%.
(Cat Lady: ATK DMG +0.2% per 1 Dex)
< 1 Level Up > Str +3, Dex +9, Int +3, MaxHP +36, MaxMP +1.

STR 1 Point -> [Def] +1.
(Sword Master: ATK DMG +0.2% per 1 Str)
< 1 Level Up > Str +9, Dex +3, Int +3, MaxHP +36, MaxMP +1.

INT 1 Point -> [Magic Skill] Cool Reduce 0.7%.
Battle Mage: ATK DMG +0.2% per 1 Int.
< 1 Level Up > Str +5, Dex +5, Int +5, MaxHP +36, MaxMP +1.
< Extra Attr > MP Gen +20%, Skill Cool Reduce +10%.

The Dark: Legend of Demon Hunter Tip #3: Calculating the Final Attack Speed.

There are two types of attack speed value in the game.
1. Attack Speed in Dexterity.
Dexterity is a stat attribute that can be obtained by leveling up and equip attributes.
Cat Lady has the highest dexterity gain out of two other classes.

2. Attack Speed in Weapons.
You can gain Attack Speed in weapons depending of it's type, the attack speed value will be displayed in weapons's information.
If your character holds two weapon at the same time, just add the attack speed value from two weapons and divide it by two to get it's new attack speed value.

To get the Final Attack Speed, just add the attack speed value of dexterity to the attack speed value of weapons.

You can only have a maximum of 500% attack speed.

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