Tower Defense: TD Generals Cheats: Promo Codes, 3 Best Tips for Pillage, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Tower Defense: TD Generals for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Tower Defense: TD Generals Tip #1: Retaliate. 
When you successfully defend against another expedition's pillage attempt on your defense tower it will be recorded as a defense success.

When other expedition successfully pillages your defense tower, it will be recorded as a loss.

You can retaliate against the expedition who pillaged your defense tower.
It is just like any other pillage attempt.

Retaliate is available once, and the success or fail will be recorded.

Taking revenge on an enemy expedition and pillaging the vault where its full of gold and fame would be enough to aggravate the player.
If you want to make your pillage attempt a success, try using the expedition supplies.

Tower Defense: TD Generals Tip #2: Pillage Weapon.
You can purchase various pillage weapons other than the basic one.
The pillage weapon has a total of 4 stats, and each can be leveled up to 10.
Since each pillage weapon has different max skill values, check the max value before purchasing one.
You need Gold to level up each of the stats, and the cost differs individually.

The pillage weapon attacks guardian stones and defense weapons with full damage.

We recommend that you upgrade the pillage weapon's atk and hp to level 2 at least.

If your Expedition is powerful enough to quickly wipe away the monsters that attack the pillage weapon, you may want to level up the pillage weapon's atk first.

Fighting the enemy's boss near the pillage weapon is very dangerous.

Tower Defense: TD Generals Tip #3: Pillage Ranking.
You can check the total ranking and friend ranking.
Friend ranking shows your current rank among your friends.

Once you manage to put your name on the pillage ranking, other expeditions will be able to check your defense tower.

Your pillage score determines your pillage grade.
The higher your pillage grade, the more gold and fame you can get.

Additional gold and fame based on your pillage grade will be regarded regardless of the pillage result.

The pillage score will be determined by the floor reached.
Your total score will be increased even more by a successful pillage.

Don't forget to play this 10 times a day.
And reach higher floors for higher pillage scores.

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