Westy West Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Camping and Vault, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Westy West for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Westy West Tip #1: Camping.
Camping is the best tactic in this game because it creates an advantage to the player over enemies that are randomly walking.
It is effective because enemies would take time to fire their guns after they move to another tile.
Just spam your gun firing if the enemy is going towards to the tiles (location) you want to fire.
For effective camping, look for a tile that has only 2 or 1 tiles exposed so that you don't need to turn for you to fire them.

Westy West Tip #2: Aggressive Animals.
There are animals that attacks a certain tile such as a horse, they attack using their legs, so avoid staying at their back. They will hit you and lose 1 life, fortunately enemies would also take damage from animal attacks.
You can use this advantage similar with camping. Just look for a location that are near to the animal but make sure avoid the danger tiles. Your enemy will chase you eventually and they will be hit by an animal attack.

Westy West Tip #3: Vault.
You can get 100 coins for free by just visiting any bank and look for vault.
When you collect coins from the vault, you cannot get coins again until it's timer expires.
The cooldown timer of any vault is just 5 minutes. Just visit the bank every 5 minutes to get free coins.

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