WorkeMon Cheats: 4 Best Tips for WorkeMons, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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WorkeMon for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

WorkeMon Tip #1: Catching WorkeMons.
You can use a skill in exchange for one of your energy points.
The higher the pride, the harder to get them to take the offer.
Decrease their pride and use some abilities such as Yell.
Lower WorkeMon's pride to get them take an offer.
It's not easy to get a good WorkeMon for a cheap salary. But there are millions of Workemons out there.
Press Reject button if you don't have enough energy, or WorkeMons are too picky! They are not desperate yet.
WorkeMons run away when their pride becomes 0.

WorkeMon Tip #2: Let WorkeMon Work!
WorkeMon are working and earn money for you.
However not all WorkeMon earns money but some of them can earn experience instead of money.
The company will level up when you get enough EXP.
You can upgrade useful management skills when you level up!.
When yo use nitpicking, your WorkeMons make doubled money and EXP.
A Lazy WorkeMon is sleapping, they are wasting your money. Wake him/her up by tapping them.
You can make money faster by tapping lazy or talkative WorkeMons.
You can use your money faster in Take My Money by tapping the screen.

WorkeMon Tip #3: Trained WorkeMons.
Day and Night change every 10 seconds at night.
If you upgrade overtime skill when you level up. They will work a night more often.
You have to torture.. no, train WorkeMons in your office to get them to their true capacity.
If you succeed. WorkeMons will make more Gold and EXP.
Each WorkeMon has their own Eagerness.
You can train them as much as their Eagerness.
You can make more profit with trained WorkeMons.
You can learn a "newskill" by upgrading your Energy.
If you share your company via SNS, you might get Special WorkeMons.

WorkeMon Tip #4: Gameplay Summarize.
Catch WorkeMons for a lower salary.
Fire them if you get better ones!
Grow your company into the most profitable in the group!
If your company becomes the most profitable, you may become the No. 1 rank heir in the group!