Zombie Girls Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Alliance, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Zombie Girls for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Zombie Girls Tip #1: Alliance Wages.
Finish your daily active quests and when you get 300 points, you will become an Active Member.
A member gets 50 points when the number of Active Members reaches 30.
Each member gets another 50 points if the number of Active Members reaches 50.
The 500 point reward will surprise you!

You can earn Contribution by donating to Alliance Technology.
You will receive a reward when your Contribution reaches 1000.
And there is a better reward when your Contribution reaches 3000.

Log on everyday to increase the Attendance of your Alliance.
If 30 members log on today, you will receive a reward.
If 50 members log on today, you will receive a better reward!
You can check Attendance in only one Alliance Per day.

Zombie Girls Tip #2: Gather & Attacking.
Choose a resource point and occupy it with your troops.
When gathering has finished, your troops will return with resources.

Zombies on the World Map must be defeated one level at a time, from lower lo higher levels.
You will get rich rewards after defeating each group.
When you feel you are powerful enough. attack other player bases.

Zombie Girls Tip #3: Alliance Honor.
You can donate resources to Alliance Technology to earn Alliance Honor.
Your Alliance Honor can be used to buy special items.
You can see your current Alliance Honor in the Alliance Store.

Alliance Honor is bound to individual Alliance members and can be transferred from one Alliance to another.

Alliance Commanders or Players who are 2 levels higher than you can promote your rank.
Commanders with higher ranks can kick you out of the Alliance or demote you.

Zombie Girls Tip #4: Alliance Membership Reward.
1. Use Alliance Teleport to move your City to where your allies gather.
You and your allies can help each other. build your Cities together, provide each other with resources and send armies to each other as reinforcement.
You can also experience the exciting Alliance war!

2. Tap on Alliance Teleport to use it. after which your City will be moved close to the Alliance Commander or within the Alliance Territory .
Hurry up to move to where your allies gather, build your Alliance together and achieve something great!