8-Bit Farm Cheats: 9 Best Tips for Farming, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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8 Bit Farm by Kairosoft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

In this farm management simulation game you will be growing a wide array of Crops, raising Livestock, and building various Facilities, aiming to make the farm a popular agri-tourism spot.

8-Bit Farm Tip #1: Game Flow.
Start out by making some Fields to grow Flowers or Vegetables on.
Then add Facilities and Shops to the farm, and curious visitors are certain to start showing up.
Once you save up enough Gold, hire more staff and purchase more land.

8-Bit Farm Tip #2: Combos.
Placing Facilities that go well together within 2 tiles of each other makes them a combo.
Doing this boosts your earnings from them, as well as their Appeal and view.
Combos also positively affect Fields and Livestock.

Visitors using a Facility that's part of a combo are likely to check out the other combo Facilities as well, increasing your profits.
Try out different set-ups, aiming to funnel your visitors from one Facility straight to another.

8-Bit Farm Tip #3: Quality, Looks, Scent and Nature.
Important characteristics your Crops and Livestock will be judged on at contests.
To win prizes at festivals, which are unlocked later, you will also need to have specific types of Crops or Livestock. Combos can help you raise parameters of your produce.

Nutrition: The higher it is, the bigger the bonuses and higher the quality when the Ranch or Field is ready.
Having multiple Fields close together increases Nutrition.
There are also Facilities which help with that.

Presentability: Once Crops or Livestock are fully grown, staff can continue to look after them to make them dazzling. so that visitors will want to take photos of them.
The higher the Presentability, the quicker they will become dazzling.

8-Bit Farm Tip #4: Facilities.
You earn Gold when visitors use farm Facilities. Visitors‘ Satisfaction depends on the view.
Work on raising Facilities‘ properties to improve Satisfaction ratings.

Appeal: The Appeal of all Facilities on the farm adds up.
The higher this total value, the more likely visitors are to come.
View: The better the View, the higher the visitors‘ Satisfaction rating.

8-Bit Farm Tip #5: Shops.
Facilities selling various goods. The assortment is affected by the Shop's surroundings.
The more different kinds of items a Shop is selling, the more visitors are likely to make a purchase, raising your profits.

8-Bit Farm Tip #6: Equipment & Crafting.
Each staff can be given one accessory and one lunchbox.
As you satisfy certain requirements, visitors will give you equipment designs.
Crafting items uses up photos and takes a little time.

Select a design and spend photos to craft it.
Adding more photos enhances the final result. Also, crafting the same equipment many times leads to better effects as you get more practice with it.

8-Bit Farm Tip #7: Ranking Up Job.
Some top-shelf pieces of equipment can only be crafted by staff members with a certain minimum job rank.
To successfully pass the rank up challenge, your staff need to have good stats.
These can be raised using various items.

At the end of each year, the farm rankings from all over the country are announced.
Well-balanced farm management is essential in order to climb to the top.

8-Bit Farm Tip #8: Items.
There are three categories of items.
Production: Items which help with growing Crops and raising Livestock.
Place near Fields or Livestock. These items make farm work more effective, or give bonuses to fully grown Crops or Livestock.

Staff Support: Items which speed up staff members‘ stat development and their work pace.
Place near Staff Lodges. General: Various effects for your whole farm, such as drawing in more visitors.

8-Bit Farm Tip #9: New Game Plus & High Score.
The stony ends in April of Year 26, but you can continue playing for as long as you like.
If you start a new game, some of the things you've unlocked can be carried over, making it easier to beat your previous high score.

The following count for your high score at the end of the game:
- Number of achievements
- Funds
- Contest & festival victories
Rise to the challenge and get as many points as you can!

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