Bethesda Pinball Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Pinball, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Bethesda Pinball by Zen Studios for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Bethesda Pinball Tip #1: Controls.
Press and swipe down at the bottom right side of the screen to pull the plunger.
Release to launch the ball with the desired power. Although, it doesn't really matter if you launch the ball slow or fast, as long as you successfully launch it.
After launching the ball from plunger, you can operate the flippers at the bottom of the screen. Left bottom side for left flipper and right bottom side for right flipper.
Swipe in the desired direction on the upper half of the screen to nudge the table and slightly alter the ball's movement.
You can tap them to nudge but swiping is better to control the direction of the nudge.
Just nudge when the ball is stuck or stay in a certain area for too long.

Bethesda Pinball Tip #2: Checkbox.
Sometimes a checkbox will appear on the screen. Tap the launch button for various actions.
You can get Main Quest and Equip Loot through the Pinball Field, a checkbox will appear.
However, you should decide and act fast because the time won't paused when interacting with checkboxes.

Bethesda Pinball Tip #3: Camera.
Tap the camera button to change the view, or hold it to activate the free view.
Default view settings is recommended because it offers a lot of view from the play field. Zoom works better for smaller screen devices.

Bethesda Pinball Tip #4: Match Ups.
Play Matchup for a player versus player, and Single Player for a classic pinball experience.
Complete Single Player for Experience, but playing Single Player will cost Coins. Collect Coins in Matchup.
Win by beating the opponents score to gain better ranks.

Bethesda Pinball Tip #5: Rewards.
Earn rewards every time when a game ends. Single Player will reward only experience, while Matchup games will mostly reward Coins.
Watch Video for significant, one time boosts toward the next XP / Coin rewards.
A Booster provides a continuous multiplier for all rewards while it lasts.
Select one of the Perks to provide a passive bonus, boosting high scores on the selected table in Matchup.