Clash of Zombies 2 Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Zombies, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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CoF II for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Clash of Zombies 2 Tip #1: Heroes.
-All heroes are available to aid in the Hero Hall, providing the aidant effects to the dispatched heroes.
-Three aidant heroes at most are allowable in each Hero Hall.
The same heroes cannot be dispatched in the same Hero Hall.
-If a Epic or Advanced hero with aid skills aids in the battle, apart from the basic attribute of the battle heroes, it can also give some special effects to the battle heroes.
-When the hero's active skill levels up, the corresponding aid skill level will auto upgrade.

-Only the dispatched heroes are available.
-You can't dispatch the same heroes even if they come from different Hero Halls.
-A reasonable combination of the heroes can be efficient!

Heroes that you hire and EXP Chips are stored here.
-If the Hero warehouse is full, all Heroes and EXP Chips won in battle will be forfeited. Organize your warehouse carefully to make sure you have space for new Heroes.
-The Hero warehouse can be expanded! Tap "+" to increase the capacity with gems.
-Tap Hire to open the Hire Heroes interface. This is your gateway to greatness!

-Limited items will be reset after the corresponding events refreshing.
-League War chances stacked by items are not valid in next battle

Heroes Tavern: Hire Heroes here for free or with gems.
-Tap Free to get a Hero instantly.
You can only hire for free up to 12 times a day. Once they're used up, you'll need to wait Z4 hours for more free chances. However, you can only hire Epic Heroes by spending gems.
-Tap 450 to spend 450 gems to hire three Heroes.
-Tap 1,450 to spend 1,450 gems to hire ten Heroes.
-Heroes hired with gems are guaranteed to be Advanced grade or better.
-Spend 1,450 gems to hire ten Heroes. One Hero is guaranteed to be Epic grade!

Clash of Zombies 2 Tip #2: Rewards.
1.About Gift Pack
-Tap Claim button to preview what's inside.
-Top up the specific amount to claim corresponding Gift Packs.
-When you top up a large amount of money at a time. you'll be able to claim various Gift Pack.Lower level Gift Packs will be claimed first.

2.Daily Bonus
-Each Gift Pack will provide II. daily bonus.
-Daily bonuses can only be claimed once a day, players can only claim the bonuses provided by the current Gift Pack.
-Players can unlock the next level Daily Bonuses alter they claim all of the previous one.

-Sign-in daily.You can also view the amount of times you've signed-in and any rewards you've claimed.
-Sign in once a day when you play. Sign-in rewards will be delivered shortly afterwards.
-Sign-in rewards are delivered based on how often you sign in this game.

Clash of Zombies 2 Tip #3: Arena.
1. Matching
-We'll assign you random opponents based on your Arena points.
-Defeat higher ranked opponents to earn more points!
-Your Arena points won't decrease after losing a battle.
-Tap Refresh to change all of your Arena opponents except the daily enemy.
-Your opponents and your daily enemy will also be refreshed on a fix time every day.

2. Enemy
-One of your opponents will be randomly assigned as your daily enemy.
-Your Enemy will get a 30% boost for all Hero ATK and HP attributes.
-You can challenge your Enemy as many times as it takes to defeat him or her.
-Defeat your Enemy to earn tons of Arena points.
-Once your Enemy has been defeated, you must wait until tomorrow's Enemy is revealed.

3. Season
-The Hero Arena runs on two-week Seasons.
-Your Arena Ran k, Points, and title will reset at the end of each Season.
-You can return to the Arena each Season to try and regain your title and rewards.

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