Dice Cast Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Dice, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dice Cast by mobirix for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Dice Cast Tip #1: How to play.
-Roll the dice and hunt for treasure!
The number you roll will decide the number of steps you can move forward. Whatever square you end up on will pack a reward!
-Each reward can only be claimed once.
You'll skip over any squares you've already landed on.
-Tap the icon to check out the reward.

Dice Cast Tip #2: Rules.
-When the rewards on all the squares have been claimed, the Treasure Hunt will end.

-All treasures will be reset when the count down ends:
All claimed and unclaimed rewards will be reset. Dice rolls will be reset too!
Use up all your daily dice rolls before the count down ends, otherwise they'll be gone!
-You'll have a free dice roll every day. Spend 500 gems in the game to win the 2nd chance of dice roll, and you can win 1 chance by spend every 1000 gems!

Dice Cast Tip #3: MP move.
MP movement refers to moving a player a set distance using its MP.
On your turn you can choose one player a turn to move using MP (In one turn you can move
only one player).
You can move any distance up to the MP number. but you cannot retrace your steps or end your turn on the same place you started.
When not using Al, tapping a player will show points that can be moved lo.
Then. by tapping the point you can make your move.

Dice Cast Tip #4: Turn & Steps.
The time when a player can use plates. move their player or initiate battles with them.

The starting player's first move is the 1st turn, and the other player's first move is the 2nd turn, with the number going up with each move.

Step refers to the unit used to measure distance on the playing field between two points. Ex: "Move 1 step."

Dice Cast Tip #5: Ranking.
-Both Rankings consist of Single Server Ranking and World Ranking.
-Single Server Ranking has substantial rewards, but World Rankings only gives title rewards.
-The rewards consist of Daily Rewards and Season Rewards. The god statue rewards are only available in the god world.

Dice Cast Tip #6: Daily Quests.
Each day you have 3 tasks to complete. Completing one, two or three tasks rewards you with a SINGLE, DOUBLE or TRIPLE STAR REWARD depending on how many tasks you completed in the given day. Complete days with all 3 tasks to get bonus rewards:


BONUS REWARDS will be available for you to collect during the WEEKLY SUMMARY event after all 7 days end. Check the progress often to keep track of the tasks and statuses of each day in the week!

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