Evil Factory Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Improving your Character, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Evil Factory by NEXON for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Evil Factory Tip #1: Fusing.
Fusing fills the same role as enhancing your character by increasing their color class (bronze,silver,gold) and thus increasing their maximum obtainable level.

If one of your characters can be fused, their picture in your roster will display a “FUSE” banner to help show that a fuse is available.

Why Fuse if I can Enhance? Fusing is most often significantly cheaper in coins and tokens than enhancing your character. Additionally, fusing can jump a character’s color class from bronze to gold should you find yourself fusing a bronze and a gold together.

All of your character have access to a number of moves. Make sure you understand every aspect of these moves so that you can put your opponent down for the count.

Evil Factory Tip #1: Moves.
Moves can be equipped by going to your roster, choosing a character, pressing the “Moves” button. Tapping on an inactive move will allow you to select an existing move to be swapped with.

All characters can take 3 moves into battle. Stronger characters may have 4 or more moves, so you get to choose which 3 abilities are best for you to play with.

How to train moves: When a move is selected, pressing the “Train” button will allow you to level up the move if you have a training poster matching the character color type OR a duplicate of the superstar in your inventory.

How to unlock more moves: New moves are unlocked whenever you evolve a superstar. Keep leveling, enhancing, and evolving your character to gain full access to their most potent moves!

Evil Factory Tip #3: Tokens.
Tokens are used to Rank up your character. There are various ways to collect Tokens - through matches, Loot Crates, even through leveling up!

Your character must meet certain requirements before you are able to use Tokens to Rank Up.

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