Pocket Plants Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Farming, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Pocket Plants for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Pocket Plants Tip #1: Contests & Festivals.
Compete against other farms in various categories.
For some contests, the judges will only look at a specific part of your farm
Use combos wisely and take good care of Fields to increase your odds of winning.

There is a number of farm festivals where you can compete for prizes:
Tug of War Fest, Outdoor Sports Fest, Gourmet Fest & Flower Art Fest.
What's needed to win differs depending on the festival type.

Pocket Plants Tip #2: Weather, Changing Seasons & Photos.
There's a season for everything. Flowers, Livestock..
When in season, your Produce gets certain bonuses, grows faster, and becomes ready to be photographed earlier. Nearby Facilities are also affected.

Rain: Less visitors, but higher chance of Fields becoming dazzling.
Downpour: Large reduction in visitor numbers, but even better than rain at making your Fields dazzling.

Photos of your farm gifted to you by visitors have many uses.
They will be necessary for purchasing certain items, and for crafting equipment.
Keep Livestock and grow more Crops to obtain lots of photos.

Pocket Plants Tip #3: Energy Bonus.
Contrary to the daily refill, which counts as Classic Energy, all the Energy you buy or win via your Inbox goes directly into the Bonus Energy counter.
When you play and use Energy, the game will always consume your Classic Energy before using the Bonus Energy.
Even when you have a stock of Bonus Energy, your Classic Energy will still receive its daily refill.

Pocket Plants Tip #4: Getting More Energy.
There are many ways to obtain Energy in City of Love: Paris:
Participate in Community activities and contests (Visit Facebook page!).
Your energy bar refills automatically over a period of time.
You can buy Energy in the SHOP section.
You can participate in Community events (see our Facebook page!).
You can give your friends a Referral code.
You can use your friend's Referral code.
You can complete your Souvenir collection for each Episode.

Pocket Plants Tip #5: Buying Energy.
You can buy Energy by going to the SHOP section directly and selecting a specific pack of energy to purchase.
When you're out of energy, a pop-up will appear and remind you that you can purchase packs of energy.