Solid Soccer Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Matches, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Solid Soccer for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Solid Soccer Tip #1: Match Making.
When you enter a league, the game tries to find a random opponent for you.
Someone that plays in the same league, and located geographically in the same part of the world, as you are.
If no such player is available when the countdown completes, you will be matched with against computer team instead.

Solid Soccer Tip #2: Player Controls, Team Skills and Rating.
Passing is easy, just swipe back, aim and release to kick the ball.
It has the same interaction for tackling,  just swipe back, aim and release to tackle.
Shooting is different, just swipe back and hold to dribble, release when you want to shoot.

The game will automatically select the player nearest to the ball, so you only need to press, pull back and release.
You can choose to control another player with a short tap.

Each skill you upgrade will add one star to you Team Skill.
This controls how fast your team can switch from defensive to offensive and vice versa.

When you start playing you have 100 Rating points.
If you win a match you will receive points from your opponent, and if you lose you'll have to give away some of your points.
If you beat a team with a higher Rating, you will receive more points and vice versa.

Solid Soccer Tip #3: Disconnection, Wrong Colors and No off-side rule.
If you disconnect a league match, you will lose that match and rating.
Tell you friends not to call you and avoid shaky Internet connection when you're playing.

If your team and the opponent have similar colors, they change the opponent's kit colors so you can see who is who on the pitch.

To make the game faster and more fun, they decided to skip off-side and free-kicks.
It's the same for both sides, so you can't blame the referee if you lose!

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