Undead Tycoon Cheats: 7 Best Tips for Fast Money, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Undead Tycoon for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Undead Tycoon Tip #1: Spell Book.
Click the spellbook to practice necromancy spellcasting.
You'll be able to summon the undead after your powers recharge a little.
Tap the raised minions to transform them into a show of money.
The more they improve each area, the more it will cost, so give it some time but always keep improving and eventually have a burgeoning empire.
But don't forget to keep practicing your necromancy to pass the time and keep a steady flow of cash coming in, not to mention to boost your skills.

Undead Tycoon Tip #2: Tower & Villagers..
Hire more villagers to keep improving the area. Once you have enough money renovate another area of the tower to bring in even more money!
Areas of the tower provide different boosts, so keep an eye on the improvement level to see when you'll unlock the next boost.
They might be monsters, ghouls and mutants but they sure are hard workers, and more importantly they know how to make others work hard.
For a small price we can bring them on to oversee day to day operation of specific area of the tower, which will provide a nice boost to our profits.
We can't afford them all right away, and we can't hire them if we haven't renovated the area yet, so keep an eye out for when new overseers are available.

Undead Tycoon Tip #3: Watch Ads.
For every advertisement you watch, our profits will be increased by 2x for the next 6 hours.
You can watch up to 4 advertisements a day and keep the profit boost rolling.

Undead Tycoon Tip #4: Store Room.
The storeroom can only hold a finite amount of supplies, so make sure to check back from time to time.
Just know, the storeroom can only hold a finite amount of supplies, so make sure to check back from time to time.

Undead Tycoon Tip #5: Being Lucky.
If you didn't already know, you have a small chance to create a soul gem while practicing your necromancy.
If you're lucky, you can also create soul gems through alchemy. You can trade in soul gems for some really nice bonuses.

Undead Tycoon Tip #6: Grim Reaper's Contract.
The grim reaper will take the souls of all villagers hired to work in your tower, allowing you to raise some of them as undead.

This powerful magic will destroy all the current room improvements, remove all overseers, remove any existing undead worker upgrades, and reset your existing money.

Potions, soul gems, alchemy supplies, existing undead workers and soul gem upgrades will not be affected.

Undead Tycoon Tip #7: Alchemy Reward List.
3 Skulls = +20 Soul Gems instantly.
2 Skulls and 1 any non matching ingredients = +5 Soul Gems instantly.
1 Skull and  2 any non matching ingredients = +1 Soul Gem instantly.
3 Diamonds = 1 Potion (Gain 24 hours worth of profits instantly).
3 Eyeballs = 1 Potion (Claim available undead workers without reset).
3 Mushrooms = 1 Potion (Increase necromancy XP by 50% for 30 minutes).
3 Feathers = 1 Potion (4X Speed for 5 minutes).
3 Four Clovers = 1 Potion (4X Profits for 5 minutes).
3 any non matching ingredients = Golds.