Gunpie Adventure by NEXON Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Beginners, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

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Gunpie Adventure by NEXON for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Gunpie Adventure Tip #1: How to Play.

- Use the direction pad with your left hand to aim with the crosshair.
- When enemies are targeted, the crosshair will turn red.

- Tap the Fire button to aim at an enemy before firing.

Auto Battle
- Tap AUTO on the game screen to enter Auto Battle. Both aiming and firing will happen automatically in Auto Battle Mode.

- Use the left and right arrows on the screen to dodge.
- When Dodging, the vehicle will move along the chosen path to avoid enemy attacks.

-Use the Cover button at the bottom of the screen to hide your character inside the vehicle.
- When Covering, vehicle HP decreases with enemy attacks.
- When vehicle HP hits 0, the character's HP decreases even when in cover.
- AP Recharges quickly in cover.

Time your Reloads carefully.
- The reload button can also switch magazine types.
- Once your 1st weapon runs out of ammo, it will be automatically replaced by the 2nd.

HP indicates how much damage you can take from enemies.
- The character's HP will decrease if attacked by an enemy while not in cover.
- When the character's HP reaches 0, the game will end.
- The vehicle's HP will decrease if attacked by an enemy while in cover.
- When the vehicle's HP reaches 0, the character will take damage even in cover.

You need AP in order to dodge and use skills.
- AP refers to points used for actions, including skills, evading and using cover.
- AP continuously recharges during adventures and recharges faster while the character is in cover.
- AP recharge speed differs for every character and vehicle.
- AP is consumed each time a character dodges or uses a skill.
- When AP is 0, the character cannot dodge or use skills.

Gunpie Adventure Tip #2: Weapon, Masteries and Vehicle.

Weapon Stat Details.
Accuracy: Determines the total hit rate.
Penetration: Shoots through targets, causing damage to enemies standing behind them.
Ammo: Amount of ammunition a weapon can hold.
Blocking: Interrupts and stops your enemies, putting space between you and blocking attacks.
Diffusion: Increases accuracy when firing consecutive shots by reducing the crosshair's spread.
RPM: Rate of Fire.
Recoil: Lowers recoil to maintain accuracy even though consecutive shots.
Magazine: Total ammunition you can carry.
Head ATK: Damage dealt by hitting an enemy in the head.
Body ATK: Damage dealt by hitting an enemy in the body.
Leg ATK: Damage dealt by hitting an enemy in the leg.
Vehicle ATK: Damage dealt by hitting a vehicle.

Each Character has their own masteries and skills.
- Increase character grade through artifact synthesis.
- Upgrade character masteries with Mastery Points.
- Evolve characters to acquire stars and increase the range of upgrades for your characters.
- Dress your characters in various costumes.

Manage weapons and select which weapon to use.
- You will enter each stage with two different armaments: your 1st/2nd weapon.
- You will start the stage with your 1st weapon set as your primary weapon.
- Tap the Weapon Switch button to switch weapons during gameplay.
- Switch weapons at appropriate times during gameplay to use the various masteries designated to each weapon.
- Once your 1st weapon runs out of ammo, it will be automatically replaced by the 2nd.

DEF, Durability and AP recovery differ for each vehicle.
- The higher the vehicle's HP, the longer it can withstand enemy attacks while a character is in cover.
- The higher the AP recovery, the faster it recharges AP during gameplay.
- Recharged AP can be used to dodge or employ skills.

Gunpie Adventure Tip #3: Growth.

Characters grow stronger through Artifact synthesis, mastery upgrades, and Evolution.
Artifact Synthesis
- Collect Artifacts to synthesize them and increase character grades.

- Use Mastery Points to upgrade character rnasteries.

- Collect character DNA and PIE Stones to Evolve characters.
- Upon Evolution, the range for upgrading increases significantly for all of the character's attributes.

You can raise the level of a weapon by using a Weapon EXP Kit.
- Weapons get stronger when their levels increase.
- If you reach the max level, you can rank up by collecting weapon blueprints and PIE Stones.

A weapon that gains stars by ranking up becomes stronger.
- In order to rank up weapons, you need to reach the max level of weapon upgrade, and collect weapon blueprints and PIE Stones.
- A weapon that ranks up by acquiring stars benefits from increased stats.

GunPie Adventure uses many currencies.
- Dollars are used to buy items in shops.
- Gold can be exchanged for Dollars, Gacha, and recharging Fuel.
- Fuel is required for Adventures.

- You can earn Challenge Coins as a reward for playing in the Challenge Mode
- They can be used to purchase items at Challenge Mode Shops.

- You can earn Chase Coins as a victory reward for playing Chase Battle.
- They can be used to purchase items from the Chase Battle Shops.