Into the Badlands Blade Battle Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Attacking, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

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Into the Badlands: Blade Battle by Reliance Games and AMC for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Into the Badlands Blade Battle Tip #1: Attacking Enemies.
Enemies change color when they attack.
Counter Fast attacks with a Tap.
Once a target is selected, your character will continue his/her combo.
Counter Strong attacks with a swipe over enemy.
Taps and Swipes are simple when facing one enemy.

Into the Badlands Blade Battle Tip #2: Finishers.
Double-Tap to finish an Enemy on the ground.
Tap to switch targets and counter.
Double Tap enemies that are on the ground before they get up.
Finishers are risky but worth bonus Score.
Knowing when to switch targets is the key to success.
Finishers are also worth extra Special energy.
Remember to Tap and Double Tap wisely to build your Special faster.

Into the Badlands Blade Battle Tip #3: Specials.
Each hero has different Specials.
Increase your Combo to build your Special Energy.
Your Special can also be used defensively.
Activate your Special to stop attacking Enemies.
During this Special, all damage is increased.
Attack the enemies to send them flying through Special move.

Into the Badlands Blade Battle Tip #4: Fighting Bosses.
Bosses have multiple attacks, including Specials.
When the boss is doing a special, the indicator shows when it will activate.
Tap to move outside the indicator.
Attack the boss when he/she finishes his/her attacks or specials.

Into the Badlands Blade Battle Tip #5: Weapon Classes.
Each Fight is also tied to a Weapon Class.
Certain Weapon classes have an advantage or disadvantage against other Weapons.
The Weapon Legend shows the advantages for each weapon.
Having an advantage will increase your Hero's Combat Rating for the Fight.

Into the Badlands Blade Battle Tip #6: Gameplay Modes.

Unlocks at level 6.
Battle against other alliances.
Donate and request cards from alliance members.
Move up the ranks from regent to baron.

Unlocks at level 4.
Battle against other players to earn trophies.
Redeem trophies for more chests.
Earn trophies to unlock new heroes.

Unlocks at level 3.
Earn exclusive rewards in Timed events.
Earn more rewards the more you play.
Compete against other players for rank rewards.

Unlocks at level 2.
Send heroes to scout for chests.
Earn Rewards while you are away.

Collect extra Cards to upgrade your Heroes.
Complete more Missions to earn even more loot and xp.
Don't forget to log back in each day to claim your reward.

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