MLB Tap Sports Baseball 17 Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Team Management, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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MLB TSB 2017 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 17 Tip #1: Player Progression!
Players on your roster can now be improved with a combination of both currency and EXP!  New to Tap Sports Baseball, EXP is collected when trading in unwanted players from your inactive roster or when obtaining a player you already have on your roster.

All players you acquire will be capped at your current Team Progression Tier, so if you’re at the Bronze Tier, you’ll acquire bronze tier players.  If you’re at the Silver Tier, you’ll acquire Silver Tier players and so forth.

When a player reaches level 10 at his current tier, he cannot be promoted to the next tier unless your team is at the appropriate tier.  For example, if you’re at the Bronze tier, a bronze level 10 Kris Bryant won’t be able to move up to Silver level 1 until your team attains Silver tier status.

If you acquire a player already on your roster, your player will level up and also be taken to your current tier.  For example, if you have a bronze level 2 Kris Bryant and you get another bronze Kris Bryant, you’ll now have a bronze level 3 Kris Bryant.  However, if you have a bronze level 3 Kris Bryant, and you acquire a silver level 1 Kris Bryant, you’ll then have a silver level 2 Kris Bryant (assuming you’re also at the Silver tier). –In the case of having bronze level 10 Kris Bryant and not being a silver team, when you obtain another Kris Bryant you will also get an evolution token.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 17 Tip #2: Team Progression!
Tap Sports Baseball 2017 features a refined Team Progression system.

Now there are five tiers (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond) each with six levels to go through before moving up to the next tier.

The higher the tier your team is, the better the players you’ll have access to (check Player Progression for more info), and you’ll also be awarded with prizes indicated on the Team Progression screen.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 17 Tip #3: What is an evolution token and how do I use it?
An evolution token is used with other currency to rank a player up to a new tier when you are maxed level at your current tier. For example, if you have a player at Bronze level 10, you would use a silver token and currency to bring him to silver level 1.

However, you can only get players to whatever tier progression level you are. So if you are not yet in a silver progression level, the highest you can upgrade your players is bronze level 10.
What does "potential" mean in the roster decision tab (in the game plan section)
In Tap Sports Baseball 2017, players can be improved/upgraded. The game will add a new player  you just received who has a potential to be a higher rating to the active if you choose the "potential" option.

So for example, if one were to draw a player who can be upgraded all the way to a Gold rating, he has more potential than another player who can only be upgraded to the silver rating.

If "current" option is chosen it only looks at the current rating, and not what it could potentially be once upgraded.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 17 Tip #4: Slugger Draft is not Available.
When you draft a slugger it'll be based on what you chose for the Roster Decision setting in the Teams screen.  Your decision affects both your regular team as well as your set of sluggers. If you have chosen "Current" you will use your current sluggers. If you have chosen "Potential" then your new drafts will be used.

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 17 Tip #5: Human Handicaps!
Want to play the game with a friend who isn’t nearly as active as you are?  When challenging friends by searching for their User ID, E-Mail or Facebook, you have the option of making the game more even with a pitching handicap to make the game fair for both teams!

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