Angry Birds Islands Cheats: Coupon Codes & 3 Best Tips For Adventures, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Angry Birds Islands by NHN 629 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Angry Birds Islands Tip #1: Combat.
Angry Birds will battle monsters encountered during an Adventure
Monsters are travelers from a different dimension. Their objective is still unknown.
Monsters have captured Baby Piggies. You can save Baby Piggies by defeating monsters.
Tapping on the monster icon will start the battle
Tap on a summoned Angry Bird icon, drag it in front of a monster, and an Angry Bird will appear to start the battle.
Birds used in battle do not return.
If you find yourself at a disadvantage. you can use an Angry Bird Skill to tum the tide of battle.
Angry Bird Skill requires a Bird for activation.
The number of Angry Bird Skills depends on the number of Angry Birds you have available.
Battles take place in real time, and you can move to a different location by pressing the Exit button.
If you Exit during battle, you can harvest and battle at the same time, or summon additional Angry Birds by visiting the town.
lf you Exit during battle, you can harvest and battle at the same time, or summon additional Angry Birds by visiting the town.
Defeating monsters during battle earns you Gold Stars.
Gold Stars are special rewards that can be gathered at the Star Altar in the town.
Collecting Gold Stars grants you special rewards.
Gold Stars are also used in the rankings. You can compete with other users to harvest the most Gold Stars.

Angry Birds Islands Tip #2: Friend Making.
During an Adventure, you can meet other users and become friend a
If you make a new friend, you can share Friendship Points or visit each other's town.
You can also discover NPCS on the World Map during an Adventure.
N PCs offer World Quests. You can earn lots of rewards through World Quests.
You can start World Quests by accepting them.
Accepted Quests are displayed on the Bulletin Board in the Town.
During an Adventure, you can check the Bulletin Board for Quest infomation.
But you can only complete Quests in the town.

Angry Birds Islands Tip #3: Cart & Gate.
You can ride in Carts to explore the world outside of town.
Normal. Harvesting and Combat Carts each have key characteristics.
The key characteristic vary depending on whether a Piggy or Bird is riding.
Harvesting Carts can only be ridden by Piggies and Combat Carts can only be ridden by Birds. Normal Carts can be ridden by any character.
Carts can be upgraded. Upgraded Carts can carry more materials back to the town and can travel faster.

Building a Cart Lab in My Town will unlock a Cart Upgrade.
Cart upgrades require Gold and specific materials. Once the upgrade starts. it requires a certain amount of time to complete.
A Cart upgrade becomes available when a Cart is empty ofany Piggies. Birds or materials.
You can purchase additional Carts. upgrade Carts and store unused Carts

The gate connects My Town with other worlds.
When you go to a different world from My Town or vice-versa. the Cart will pass through the gate.
As you level up, you can build multiple gates in My Town.
Multiple gates allow you to control multiple Carts. simultaneously.

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