Art of Conquest Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Art of Conquest for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Art of Conquest Tip #1: All about Heroes.
Heroes are great warriors and leaders. At the beginning of the game you can pick one of three starter heroes. Each hero has unique abilities and can equip various gear to become more powerful. At the start of battle you have to dispatch at least one hero. Most heroes can command two soldiers. The more heroes you have the more soldiers you can use in battle.

There are four stats for Heroes:

Might: Determines physical basic attacks and melee skills damage.
Magic: Determines magic basic attacks and skills damage.
Stamina: Determines max HP of hero.
Leadership: Determines effectiveness of soldiers’ abilities.

Heroes level up when they have enough experience points. Experience points can be gained in multiple ways:

-Battles. After each battle participating heroes will get experience points. The higher power of foe the more experience your heroes will get.
-Items. Certain items can be used to give heroes experience points.
-Runes. If you find experience runes outside of city it will give EXP to hero you choose

Art of Conquest Tip #2: Improving your Heroes.
Obtaining Gears.
-Monsters. Hunt monsters and they might drop gear for you. Sometimes you can even stumble across bosses, they protect lots of goods and you might find there high quality equipment by defeating them.
- Shop. You can buy equipment at various shops in the world. Gear can be bought there with gold or L coins.
-Treasure chests. You can get gear by opening treasure chests.

Improving Stats.
There are several methods of improving stats:

- Runes. You can find them outside of city and use to improve certain stat of your hero.
- Gear. Some items give hero stat bonus.
- Leveling up a hero.

Mastering Heroes Abilities.
After initial cooldown of ability is finished, choose ability you want to use and choose place to use it inside green area. All abilities are different and mastering right way to use them might take some time.

Art of Conquest Tip #3: Resources Tips.
By traveling the world you can find reaches beyond imagination:
-Gold Coins: It’s used to train and upgrade soldiers, buy equipment, map explorations and so on.
-Wood: Used to construct and upgrade buildings in the capital.
-Mana: Needed to use heroes abilities.
-Crystal: Used to repair Siege Troops and train higher level troops.
-Mithril: Used to repair Siege Troops and train higher level troops.
-Blood Diamond: Used to repair Siege Troops and train higher level troops.
-Troops: Some of the warriors you’ll meet on adventure will want to join your cause.

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