Bit Heroes Cheats: 5 Best Tips For Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Bit Heroes by Kongregate for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Bit Heroes Tip #1: Battle Gameplay.
During your turn, select a skill to use on your opponent.
You can use more powerful skills by spending sp earned during battle.
You can press and hold to see what each skill does.
Sometimes, you have an option to persuade a defeated enemy.
You can increase the chance to persuade it by spending gems.

When you found a new weapon, try it and see it's different skills. Remember different weapons will give you different skills.
Use your basic skills to save SP for more powerful skills.
Power increases the amount of damage and healing you do.
Stamina Increases the amount health have in battle.
Agility increases how quickly you get turns in battle.

Bit Heroes Tip #2: Improving Heroes Level and Heroes.
Attack enemies (via the Map or in World), Donate resources in your Federation and carry out Construction tasks in your Cities.

Upgrade your character level to unlock more Heroes. Earn EXP for them by attacking NPCs in World or enemy cities in the War Assembly. You can also upgrade your Heroes’ skills using Skill Elixir.

Bit Heroes Tip #3: Heroes Buffs.
1. Heroes Buffs are effective for all the Character's Camps and Heroes.
2. The same buff can be stacked.
3. Activating Buffs requires the activation items or spending Diamonds.
4. Effect disappears when Buff time finishes.

Bit Heroes Tip #4: Daily Rewards.
Claim special rewards for each day you play!
There are a lot of rewards each day and the reward value goes up each and every day up to the 10th day.
Once you reached the 10th day, it will be reset to day 1 for the next day you logged on.

Bit Heroes Tip #5: Other Tips.
1. When you’re in one of your Camps, you can tap its name at the top of the screen to jump to other Camps.
2. Before you exit the game, have your Heroes carry out Construction tasks to earn loads of valuable EXP.
3. It’s easier to upgrade and recruit in-batch rather than one-by-one.
4. When members of your Legion request help, a “shaking hands” icon will appear next to your Command Center. Tap to help all those requesting help.
5. You’ll get extra bonuses when you build resource buildings in the slots with the matching icons.

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