Cat Simulator Cheats: 3 Best Tips For Hunting Animals, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Cat Sim by Turbo Rocket Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Cat Simulator Tip #1: Kinds of Animals.
There are a lot of animals in Cat Simulator Game. Some of them are aggressive like dogs, hawks and etc and they will attack your cat.
Aggressive animals have high health point and high attack damage.
It's dangerous if your cat is under-leveled if you are facing them.
You can escape from them using your cat's abilities, such as shout or even just out running them is also good enough. You can also kill them with the help of your family cat members.

Some of the animals are passive, they may run if they are being attacked and it will run or escape if they see your cat. Fortunately you can easily chase them because their movement speed is not fast enough and the route  of their escape path is just plain straight forward and can be easily predicted.

Some animals are passive when not being attacked but will fight back when being attacked, such as raccoons and etc. Some of the animals that are being attacked will be helped by the same animal type by attacking your cat. 

Cat Simulator Tip #2: Hunting Animals.
Finding animals are easy because there is a mini-map that will guide you to find some of the animals nearby at your current location. You just need to go to their location and you might see them. 
You can also use the charge ability of your cat to instantly chase the nearest animal on that location. 
The charge ability of your cat is somehow similar to a hero's ability in famous RTS game "DoTA" named Charged of Darkness of Spirit Breaker. 
The charge ability has more than doubled of your cat's running speed, making it very useful to chase any kind of animal you want to hunt. 
It also deals high damage compared to normal attack. You can also use charge ability as your main attack when facing weaker animals, but it is not advisable to depend on it when facing tough animals because of it's energy cost. 
It is recommended to use shout followed by normal attacks when facing tough animals.

Cat Simulator Tip #3: Attacking Aggressive Animals without receiving any damage (Trick/Cheat).
You can't do this trick without the help of your family cat members. 
You should have atleast 1 family cat member to pull this trick off.
Just go to the intended target and make sure there are no aggressive animals nearby to your target.
Once your target turn it's attention to your cat, just walk backwards while facing them. 
They will chase you and will attempt attacking you but they will stop and do their attack animation or movement before they can deal their attack damage to your cat. Fortunately, you won't receive any damage from their attack animation when you walk backwards but your family cat members will deal attack damage to your intended target. If you follow this trick, your intended target will be killed by your family cat members without receiving any attack damage from them.