Caveboy GO Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Fast Coins, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Caveboy GO for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Caveboy GO Tip #1: Best Character.
You can improve your character by collecting the same character from the Golden Totem.
Characters will gain one star for each same collected character and up to 10 stars for each characters.
All characters have abilities that will help you in-game and you can improve it's ability by collecting the same character.

There are 4 kinds of characters:
Common (Brown), Rare (Orange), Epic (Violet) and Legendary (Red).
Common Characters has a higher chance to obtain from Golden Totem and it is followed by Rare, Epic and Legendary.
Common Characters are easier to level (star) up but they have weaker abilities compared to other kinds of characters. However characters do have unique abilities and there is one Common Character that has an effective ability to survive longer and can travel further compared to other characters.

Cavebae (male counterpart of Caveboy) is a common character that has an ability to "Increase Game Time by X seconds".
"Increase Game Time by X seconds" is very effective throughout the game specially at early levels.
Having a huge amount of game time after early levels will give you extra time to travel further.
You can also have the maximum game time when you use elixir or reviving your fallen character by watching an ad

Caveboy GO Tip #2: Level 29.
There are two way to use elixirs: To help you guide to the correct path at your current level while having a maximum game time and to revive a fallen character.
Using elixir to revive a fallen character isn't worth it because you can revive a character by watching an ad. You won't be able to use elixir to revive a character that has been fallen already. So it doesn't really worth it because elixir are difficult to obtain.
The only effective way to use the elixir is to use it as a guide to your current level and most importantly resetting your game time to the maximum game time available.

It is recommended to use elixir as a guide and increasing your game time when you have few game time seconds left and your current level is just a few levels away from level 29.
Reaching for level 29 is important because you obtain a golden chest.
Golden chest will give you a lot of coins and atleast 1 elixir up to 3 elixirs.
It is advisable to only use elixir to reach level 29 to be able to obtain 1 elixir up to 3 elixirs.
Golden Chest also appears at higher levels so you can obtain more elixir if you have a high level (star) character .

Caveboy GO Tip #3: Watching Ads.
You can get bonus coins when tap the bird at game menu and successfully watched an ad.
You can also get more coins when you tap the additional 50% bonus coins and it only appears after a single game has ended and successfully watched an ad.
It is recommended to watch an ad to revive your character, specially when you are aiming for level 29.
Because there is a limit on how many ads you can watch, depending on the game's ad availability.
Therefore, you should only watch an ad to revive your character to get atleast 1 golden chest. Don't forget Golden Chest has a lot of coins too!

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