Charming Runes Cheats: 3 Best Tips For Destroying Blocks, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Charming Runes for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Charming Runes Tip #1: Power-Ups.
There are three power-ups you can use in-game that will greatly help you survive longer and destroy blocks.

Runescope (Binoculars).
When using runescope, you will have a longer and better aim guide than your normal aim guide and an aim guide from gift (green) block.
The aim guide from Runescope will make it easier for you to bounce your pickaxe and throw to your desired area or blocks.
It is recommended to use Runescope when there are more blocks building up and you want to destroy a lot of blocks by doing multiple pickaxe bounce.
When you activate or use runescope, runescope's aim guide will lasts only for 5 throws, useful for clutch and crucial situations by doing effective multiple pickaxe bounce.

Golden Pickaxe.
When activated, you will gain 1 golden pick-axe from your pickaxe pool. Golden pickaxe will be the first to be thrown from your miner followed by mithril pickaxe (if available) and lastly with normal pickaxe.
Golden pickaxe deals 3 damage, good for multiple pickaxe bounce because golden pickaxe will be thrown first and will likely hit more blocks by bouncing it to untouched and higher hp blocks.
Golden pickaxe are effective early phase of the game because of it's damage but it won't do too much when the block have too much hp to deal with.
However Golden Pickaxe early phase of the game will help you obtain more pickaxe from golden blocks thus you will gain better momentum towards difficult blocks.

Bomb power-up can destroy 3x3 tile/block area. You should use bomb to destroy multiple blocks or single block that can't be destroy with your current pickaxes that are one tile away from your miner.
You can also use bomb to create an open space for a possible multiple pickaxe bounce setup.

Charming Runes Tip #2: Special Blocks.
Green Blocks.
Once a Green block is destroyed, it will give you a random bonus effect such as X2 Points, X2 Damage, Aim Guide or 1 mithril pickaxe (deals 2 damage).

Yellow Blocks.
Once a Yellow block is destroyed, it will give you extra 1 normal pickaxe.

Blue Blocks.
Once a Blue block is destroyed, it will give you a collection, power-ups or a temporary heart slot.

Charming Runes Tip #3: Obtain more Power-Ups.
You may obtain powerup from blue blocks but it will be more difficult because of the drop chances and the rarity of blue blocks appearance in-game.
But there is a way to obtain power-ups with high probability by watching an ad to be able to continue with your miner and your second chance miner failure will give you an option to watch an ad and receive power ups in return.
Sometimes when your miner failed at the game, there will be no second chance or option to watch an ad.
Sometimes your second chance won't offer you an option to watch an ad but instead offer you to download other games or purchasing hearts through IAP.

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