CosmicBreak Adventures Cheats: Redeem Codes & 3 Best Tips for Cosmoloid, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Cosmic Break Adventures by Mobirix/Cyberstep for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

CosmicBreak Adventures Tip #1: Gameplay.
Defeat all enemies on the left side of the screen to clear the stage. Position your units on the right side of the screen to begin combat!

Deploying a Card costs [Energy]. Energy regenerates over time, so deploy your cards as quickly as you can!

Each Cosmoloid has a position they excel at. [Front] units prefer to be closer to the enemy lines, while [Mid] units fare better from a distance!

After obtaining a new Cosmo Card, you'll need to put it into your Deck to use it! Drag and drop your cards into the slots in your deck

The Cosmoloid set to the leftmost slot in your Deck is designated as the [Leader] A Leader requires 30% less energy to deploy and is guaranteed to be drawn at the start of battle!

If the last Cosmoloid on your field is defeated, the battle will come to a close, regardless of how many cards or energy you have remaining. Deploy your units as quickly as possible to maximize your chances for victory!

Upgrades allow you to enhance your combat capacity. Start out by upgrading your [Energy Capacity] and [Energy Charge]!

Set reward Cubes as active to unlock the prizes they contain! Play to win big.
Unlock your active Cube by expending Stamina in various game modes

Positioning two or more of the same Cosmoloid vertically grants a [HP Regen] effect while positioning them horizontally grants a [SP Regen] effect.

Defeating an enemy carrying an Energy pack will grant you an amount of energy.

Items can be used during battle to give your units an edge Try using an item after you get one to see their effects!
*You may purchase items for Coins when not in battle.

Upgrades allow you to enhance your combat capacity. Start out by upgrading your [Energy Capacity] and [Energy Charge]!

Clearing Stage 1-10 grants you another Slot! Defeating the 10th stage earns you another Slot (max 8). Expand your unit by assigning a new Card to your decks!

CosmicBreak Adventures Tip #2: Battle: Abilities.

Abilities are passive bonuses. Each Bot has its own set of Abilities and Signature Ability. To see them, go to your "Inventory", select "Bots", choose the specific Bot, and tap on "Info".

Abilities can be permanent or temporary bonuses. Permanent bonuses are passive, or activated on Critical Hit. Temporary bonuses have a chance to proc when you use your Special Attacks. All Abilities are related to the background story of each Bot.

The amount of Special Bonus Skills of each Bot may change, depending on their Tier and Rank. For example, Illumis Tier 1 (1-Star), Rank 1, will only have the Ability Guardian Stash available. When you rank him up to Rank 2, the Bot should unlock I’ll Take You All On! (special).

You can also check our Article about Signature Abilities in our How to Play section.

This Bonus will always be active during a fight and could be triggered at any time, since it is not related to your special attacks.

This Bonus has a chance to activate with your Special Attack. The effect of this buff increases with the Level of the Special Attack.

CosmicBreak Adventures Tip #3: Battle: Special Attacks.

What are the advantages of using a Special Attack or a Special Bonus?
Special attacks depend on your Bot. Each one has a different set of special attacks that is based on their Tier and Rank. This combat style will charge while you are fighting and glow green once the first charge is full, yellow for the second charge, red for the third and final charge.

This move cannot be interrupted, as the cast is instant, though the first 2 levels can be blocked.

The higher the level of your special attack, the stronger the effect of your move. For example, if your Bot has unlocked the set of 3 specials, it will be able to charge its level 1 attack and cast it. You can also continue fighting and charge up to its second or third level, and then cast a more powerful move.

A Bot will always perform the highest available move when the attack is activated. You cannot have 3 charges and activate a level one attack.

Remember that you will need to rank up 2-Star and 3-Star bots to unlock their Tier 2 and Tier 3 specials (respectively).

1-Star Bot: Starts with one-bar Special Attack
2-Star Bot: Starts with one-bar Special Attack
3-Star Bot: Starts with two-bar Special Attack
4-Star Bot: Starts with three-bar Special Attack

Battle: Signature Abilities

Each 2-Star and higher Bot has a powerful, unique ability that benefits them called a Signature Ability.

Signature Abilities are unlocked the first time you receive a duplicate of a 2-Star (and up) Bot. The benefit increases with each subsequent duplicate of that Bot received.

Once the Signature Ability has been unlocked, the Stars of your Bot will change color, from the original Blue to White.

Leveling up your Signature Abilities:
Each duplicate grants + 5 to your Signature Ability level, regardless of the tier of your Bot. The max Signature Ability level is 100.

Mods may also be duplicated, but do not have Signature abilities to unlock and level.

CosmicBreak Adventures Redeem Code: CBABETA.

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