Demons Must Die Cheats: 3 Best Tips For Weapons, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Demons Must Die for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Demons Must Die Tip #1: Best Weapon.
There are 4 weapons available in the game: Sword, Hammer, Blade and Pistols.
Only two weapons are available at the start of the game and the other two will be unlocked at later levels.
Hammer will be unlock when you reach level 30, while Blade will be unlock at level 60.
Hammer has the highest damage output and has the lowest attack speed.
Hammer is the most reliable weapon despite of it's low attack speed, it can crush enemies shields effectively.

"Y" or Hard Attack of the Hammer is what makes hammer deals high output damage while having a surprising decent attack speed and ability to immobilize enemies by bouncing them up to the air.
Hard Attack is supposedly slower than Regular Attack, but Hammer's Hard Attack is more faster than it's Regular Attack.
It is very easy to execute when it needed most because of it's initial animation speed, high damage and Area of Effect.

Demons Must Die Tip #2: Pistols.
You can hit enemies far away with Pistols but they deal low output damage.
It has the fastest attack speed but it has the weakest DPS (Damage Per Second) of all available weapons.
Pistols should be used as your backup weapon when facing enemies that are flying or at long distance.

Flying enemies has lower health compared to other ground enemies but they are dangerous because of it's high damage output and they are difficult to hit using melee weapons.
Therefore you should still upgrade your Pistols through out the game.

Demons Must Die Tip #3: Weapon Upgrade Guide.
Hammer and Pistols are the best weapons in the game and they should be upgraded to it's maximum level.
Although Hammer are still locked until you reached level 30, pistols and sword on the other hand are already available at the start of the game.
Upgrade your sword's damage up to level 2 and upgrade your pistols damage and pistols charge as many as you can.
Sword Damage Level 2 is already enough to eliminate enemies and bosses below up to level 30 at easy difficulty where you can unlocked the hammer weapon.

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