Dessert Chain Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Serving Customers, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dessert Chain for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Dessert Chain Tip #1: Fixed Customer's Pattern
Every level has a fixed set of customers and it's specific food orders.
If you are having difficulty in a certain level, you can list the pattern of your customers and it's orders.
To list the pattern easily, use any app that can record a gameplay for the difficult level you are dealing with. Watch your gameplay and replay as much as you want and don't forget to list and memorize the pattern.
You don't need to memorize all the pattern, memorizing when to use the microwave in advance is already enough to pass the level easily.

Dessert Chain Tip #2: Microwave.
Upgrading Microwave at early levels is recommended.
Because it has the longest process time for a machine and you can only have 1 donut or sandwich at a time except if you have a max upgraded microwave.
Having a low upgrade of microwave really affects your overall performance specially on customers that has a multiple orders with donut or sandwich included.
It is important to refill your microwave as soon as possible if you have a queued donut or sandwich order since the microwave has the longest machine process time.
Therefore, when you give the donut or sandwich to the intended customer, don't forget to prioritize refilling the microwave over drinks if there is an order of donut or sandwich.

Dessert Chain Tip #3: Machine Upgrades vs Sell Value Upgrades vs Decor Upgrades.
Machine Upgrade is more important than the other two upgrades because it helps you process and prepare foods faster for your customer thus earning more coins compared to upgrading the sell value of your foods and able to reach 1-3 star easily compared to upgrading decor items.
Both Sell Value and Decor Upgrades helps you obtain more coins but Sell Value only focuses on one food item per upgrade, unlike with Decor Upgrades, it increases overall performance in each upgrade.

Dessert Chain Tip #4: Obtaining Gems.
You can collect gems for free by tapping the gem counter outside your coffee shop, however when you collect the gems successfully, you need to wait for 8 hours to be able to collect those free gems again.
You can collect gems up to thrice a day and don't forget to turn the notification alert on found at game settings.
You can also obtain 3 gems by watching a video ad, however watching an ad has limitation depending on the game's ad availability.
You can also receive bonus gems when complete any achievements of the game. The higher difficulty of the achievement, the higher amount of gems you will receive.

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