Empire Strike Cheats: Redeem Codes & 4 Best Tips for Power, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Empire Strike by Tapfuns for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Empire Strike Tip #1: Calculating Power.
Many new players might still don’t know how to calculate their Power and think keep producing tanks will improve it for sure.
Actually, Power represents the total power of your best troop.
So producing a tank doesn’t mean power up. (Of course, the troops could always use enough tank storage. )
You could improve your power in the following ways:

1. Replace low-level tanks with advanced ones
Replace low-level ranks with advanced ones and your power will certain go up.
High-level tanks have high stats and better combat capability.
When an advanced tank is unlocked, you could gradually replace the old ones with it.
You could also transform low-level tanks in the Armory to make them better.

2. Upgrade Command Level to Improve Your Troop Capacity
High command level means high troop capacity as well as high power.
 How to increase the command level?
Step 1: Tap the avatar at the left top corner and enter “Player Details”.
Step 2: Tap “Command – Use”. Upgrading command level might fail. High military tank could also increase your troop capacity.
So, don’t forget to earn more merits!

3. Upgrade Commander Skills for Higher Stats.
Commanders could upgrade skills for higher power.
It costs skill medals to upgrade skills.
You could get skill medals through [Campaign. Campaign Chests, Crops Donation and Crops Shop] .
The first 4 skills are a must. As to the rest skills, you could upgrade them according to your preference.

4. Upgrade Techs in the Research Center for higher Tank Stats
There are 17 techs in the Research Center. You could check them by tapping  [Research Center – Research].
You could improve not only attack and HP, but also resource storage, production and battle EXP.

5. Enhance Parts in the Parts Plant
You could enhance and transform parts in the Parts Plant with crystal.
Parts could be gained from Supply Line.
More sources of parts will be unlocked later.
Advanced parts could greatly increase your power, making it much easier to take down stages, defeat players and occupy resource sites.

Empire Strike Tip #2: Character Ranking.
1 . Your character must reach a certain level and accumulate certain merits to raise your military rank.
Troop capacity and many other rewards follow higher military ranks.
For Colonel and lower, you can raise your military rank immediately after meeting any and all requirements.

2. There are a limited number of slots for Brigadier Generals and all higher ranks.
Enter Merit Rankings to be promoted to any corresponding positions.
Entering Merit Rankings requires 2 million Merits atleast.

3. Regarding Brigadier General and above, if multiple players simultaneously meet all requirements, those players with higher ranks will be promoted.
Military rank changes only occur at 3 am each day.

4. Your valor fades as time goes on. To encourage more military merit actions, at Sam, if your Merit is above 2 million, you will lose 1% of Merits for the portion that is above 2 million.
5. Destroy other players’ units during mine or base battles on the world map to eam Merits.
6. The number and power of units you destroy have a positive effect on how many Merits you eam!

Empire Strike Tip #3: Prosperity.
1. Constructing/upgrading buildings increases max prosperity.
2. Resource gathered/plundered in the World Map increase prosperity. The more resource one takes back, the higher the increased prosperity.
3. Attacked player bases would lose certain prosperity and enter the Ruins status.
4. Prosperity recovers by 1 every 20s till it is full.
5. When prosperity is too low, the base will become ruins

Empire Strike Tip #4: Parts Supply.
1 . Attacking Parts Supply Levels will not lose any units.
2. After gaining 3-star for a level you can raid that level.
3. Attacking or raiding levels will consume energy
4. Gold Reset enables the player to attack levels while consuming no energy.
5. Higher VIP level enjoys more reset chances.

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