Get Me Outta Here Cheats: 4 Best Tips For Weapons, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Get Me Outta Here Tip #1: Weapon Guide.

Father's Gun.
Has the fastest firing rate in the alien arsenal, yet this prototype has an overheating problem with large side effects.
Press and Hold to shoot. Overheating the weapon will send or a large blast will also send the user flying.

Space Shotgun.
An alien engineered shotgun that packs a more powerful punch than blasters but with a much shorter range.
Press and Hold to shoot. Is able to hold a charge for six consecutive shots.

Chargeshot Z500.
The chargeshot Z5000 delivers blasts at three different power levels charged by its internal plasma reactor.
Press and Hold to shoot. The initial blast power is determined by the power meter level.
The gun charges while it is not being shot.

SF86 Blaster with Grenade Launcher.
Shoots rapid fire energy blasts and is packed with a rechargeable grenade launcher.
Press and Hold to shoot, Double Tap and Hold to engage grenade launcher.
Release when the indicator is at the desired distance to launch a grenade.

Get Me Outta Here Tip #2: Highscores and Difficulty.
- Build Combos for more points!
- Defeat Bosses to earn more time.
- Grab power ups to help along the way.
- Stay Alive! Escape the ship.

Difficulty Modifiers allow you to customize the gameplay experience.
Green modifiers give the player an advantage but come with a score penalty.
Red modifiers come with a score bonus but make the game more challenging.
It is recommended that beginners play with the green modifiers turned on.

Get Me Outta Here Tip #3: Controls.

  • On the right side of the screen swipe down to drop.
  • Swipe in the opposite direction you are facing to create distance from enemies.
  • On the right side of the screen Press and Hold to shoot.  Watch that overheating bar.
  • On the right side of the screen swipe up to jump.
  • On the right side of the screen swipe left or right to roll (dodges most enemies and attacks).

Get Me Outta Here Tip #4: Purchase the Full Game.
You can play the game for free but you can purchase the full game.
By purchasing the full game (full content), you will receive:

  • Remove Ads.
  • Auto Coin Doubler.
  • Bonus Weapons Unlocked.
  • Bonus Modes Unlocked.

You can also purchase the full game (Indie Supporter) and you will receive.

  • All Full Content features.
  • Exclusive Light Gun Skins as a gratitude.

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