Happy Racing Cheats: 3 Best Tips For Characters, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Happy Racing for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Happy Racing Tip #1: Characters.
Each characters has a vehicle to ride with. Those vehicles have different handling, speed, acceleration, weight and reverse speed that affects dangerous and bumpy ride of the characters.
Characters have also different attributes such as health, and body placement around his/her vehicle and etc.

Some Characters do have better performance in certain levels of the game, specially cheaper characters on higher levels. Not all levels requires high speed or acceleration because it takes only enough speed to be able to survive or pass the stage safely. Although expensive characters do have higher speed or acceleration compared to other characters but handling plays a very important role in this kind of game.

Happy Racing Tip #2: Spending Coins Efficiently.
Managing your hard earned coins is also important, because you need to buy expensive characters that has good attributes to be able to pass those difficult levels in the game.
It''s better to avoid buying characters and save your coins for those expensive ones.
There are many ways to obtain characters without spending any coins such as Daily Gifts, Free Chests and Found Chests.

Happy Racing Tip #3: Free Rewards.
Daily Gift.
Logged in daily to receive awesome reward everyday. Consecutive logged in will result into more high rewards value. Don't miss a single day and you can get a random rare character for the 5th consecutive days.

Free Chests.
You can open 1 free chest for every 4 hours. Same as with Daily Gift, you will receive a reward such as coins, characters and etc. Just turn on the notification settings on the game app to notify you when there is an available free chest.

Found Chests.
You can find a chest when you successfully pass any stage in the game.
However you are required to watch a single video ad for you to be able to open it.

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