Kingdom of Radiance Cheats: Gift Codes & 3 Best Tips for Fairies, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Kingdom of Radiance by Dragonest for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Kingdom of Radiance Tip #1: Fairies.
Get fairies by hatching them. Fairies can greatly increase your troop's battle stats.
Decompose fairies to get fairy spirits which can be used to level up fairies.
The higher a fairy's level, the more it will enhance one's stats.

Hatching Fairies.
1.Kill monsters to gel fairy eggs and fairy boost materials
2.On|y 8 eggs can be hatched at most
3.You can hatch either advanced fairy eggs or normal eggs.
There is a higher chance for you to get fairies 1 of higher quality.
4.Advanced egg consumes 5 egg fragments, normal egg consumes 1 egg fragment.

Fusing Fairies.
Two fairies that have reached Lv 40 and possess different specialties can be merged into a higher level
Initial fairy types: Fire, Electricity, Ice
Mid-level fairy types: Fire/Electricity Merger, Fire/Ice
Merger, Electricity/Ice Merger
Advanced fairy type: Fire/Electricity/ice Triple Merger

Inherit Fairies.
Use inheriting to allow newly acquired fairies to get Exp from another fairy, thus quickly raising its level.
After an inheritance, the bestowing fairy's exp will be emptied, and its level will be reset to Lv 1.
The inheriting fairy will receive different amounts of Exp depending on type.

Kingdom of Radiance Tip #2: Stability.
1. After a city's defenses are defeated, it will start to burn.
While burning, the city wall will lose a certain amount of stability points over a period of time.
2. Burning will stop after a certain amount of time, but this time will be extended if the city is defeated again within this time.
3. Lords can spend gems to put out the fire and make the city stop burning immediately.
4. When stability is not full, repairs can be made to restore stability points.
There is a cooldown time between repairs.
5. When stability falls to 0, the city will be automatically teleported to a random new location on the World Map.

Kingdom of Radiance Tip #3: Events.
Sky City Event.
Sky City is an event where alliance members challenge the Demon King. It opens once weekly.
During the event, players form teams to defeat the Demon King in each layer of Sky City and get generous rewards.
Sky City is a test of an alliance's strength and strategic decision-making, as well as requiring a little luck!

Molten Arena Event.
The Molten Arena is a grand 3-day event for all the Lords of the land to produce a champion after multiple rounds of competition.
Players enter the tournament individually and then will be automatically matched up with teammates and opponents by the system, after which a 5v5 match will take place in a battleground. Teams must use strategy and tactics to be successful.
Participants will receive a reward of gems, items, and special soldier cards according to their final ranking. The top 3 finishers in the tournament will also receive an exclusive title.

Limited Time Castle Level Up Event.
Reach the specified Castle Lv within 7 days of starting a character to claim the corresponding reward.
Each tier can only be claimed once!

Growth Fund Event.
Purchase a 2000 Gem Growth Fund and get rebates totaling 10,000 Gems in value.
Must reach VIP 2 to purchase Growth Fund.

Kingdom of Radiance Gift Code: KORDRAGONEST.

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