League of Arosaurs Cheats: 10 Best Tips for Spell Cards, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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League of Arosaurs for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

League of Arosaurs Tip #1: Collection Rank & Match Strikes.
Each new rank grants you more cards contained in chests. Also more gold for the same price!
You can also gain additional health points when you gain new rank.
Swiping identical abilities unleashes a special attack. It costs one mana. Damage depends on quantity of used abilities and your collection rank.
When you match & strike 2 cards, it will deal damage, it would be multiplied by two when you match & strike 3 cards and lastly it would be multiplied by 4 if you match & strike 4 cards.
Match & Strikes special attack also increases when you gain new rank.

League of Arosaurs Tip #2: Type of Spells.
Attack: Reduces enemy's Health instantly or overtime.
Heal: Recovers Health instantly or over time.
Buff (Defense): Reduces own's incoming damage for a specific duration.
Buff (Attack): Increases own's damage for a specific duration.
Buff (Mana): Increase own's mana instantly.
Debuff (Vulnerability): Reducing enemy's Defense for a specific duration.
Debuff (Weakness): Reducing enemy's Attack for a specific duration.
Debuff (Burn): Reducing enemy's mana instantly.

League of Arosaurs Tip #3: Apply Time.
Most of the spells that has an Apply Time are powerful, but they can be countered because of it's Apply Time.
All spells that has an apply time will have a fixed of 1.5 seconds. Same as other spells, both of you and the enemy can see the spell icon when deployed. Since it has 1.5 seconds apply time, you or the enemy can react and may deploy a spell card to counter it.
This is why you should have a counter spell cards on your deck because you can have positive mana trade if you successfully deploy the right spell card!

League of Arosaurs Tip #4: Counter Spell Cards.
Positive mana trade happens when you deployed a lower cost mana spell to counter enemy's higher cost mana spell to make it weaken or become totally useless.
It is recommended to execute counter spell cards when the enemy deploys high cost mana spell that has an apply time.
Counter Spell cards are usually spells that has a buff defensively such as Wind Shield, Iron Shield, Deflection Sphere and Teddy's Bottle.

League of Arosaurs Tip #5: Debuff (Weakness).
Debuff (Weakness) is a type of spell that reduces enemy's attack for a specific duration.
If it is deployed against you, it is recommended to avoid using attack spell cards and use buff or heal cards or don't deploy cards at all to save mana. This will give you an easy positive mana trade,

League of Arosaurs Tip #6: Buff (Defense).
Same as debuff weakness, it is recommended to avoid using attack spell cards.
The only difference is Buff(Defense) can be used reactively while Debuff (Weakness) isn't.

League of Arosaurs Tip #7: Debuff (Burn).
The most powerful debuff available and one of the most op (overpowered) spell cards in the game.
Take a look and compare Frozen Breathe and Fireball Spell Cards. Frozen Breathe costs 4 mana while Fireball costs 3 mana but their attack is almost similar only fireball has the slight advantage in terms of attack value. However Frozen Breathe burns 2 enemy's mana. So Frozen Breathe acts like a spell that costs 2 mana only because it burns enemy's mana. But you should only cast Frozen Breathe or other mana burn cards when you know that your enemy has a lot of mana for it to be effective in battle.

League of Arosaurs Tip #8: Heal.
Heal should be used as your backup spell card. Backup spell cards are spell cards that are on your cycle and only be use when it is needed. Heal spell cards has lower value compared to the attack spell cards that has same mana costs. Therefore you should use attack spell cards when applicable (i.e there are no Debuff Weakness to yourself or Buff Defense on the enemy) rather than using heal spell cards when they are on your current cycle of your cards.

League of Arosaurs Tip #9: Buff (Attack) & Debuff (Vulnerability).
These type of spell cards are powerful at double mana time, because you can deploy more cards while having an increased attack or reducing enemy's defense that results into more positive mana trade and increased damage output. That applies also for Buff (Defense) and Debuff (Weakness) but they can be easily countered and sometimes useless when not in double time. Buff (Attack) & Debuff (Vulnerability) can be use when not in double mana time but it is very effective when used in double mana time.

League of Arosaurs Tip #10: Attack.
Use attack spells carefully and take note of it's apply time. The higher the mana cost the greater the damage is, Deploy them when you think that your enemy has no buff (defense) active or has very low mana for them to avoid deploying buff (defense). Don't forget to bring attack cards that costs 3-4 mana, because they deal decent damage and can be used to bait enemy's on using higher cost buff (defense) spell cards. Followed it by deploying high cost attack spell cards to deal huge damage to the enemy because you baited their active buff (defense).

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