Match Land Cheats: 4 Best Tips For Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Match Land for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Match Land Tip #1: How to Play.
Match 3 or more tiles to start a turn. By making a match, you've started a timer.
You can keep matching until time runs out. More time is added after each successful move!
Matching Tiles of the same color as the enemy deal double damage!
Use tokens to upgrade your heroes. Quick loot tokens from previous levels. Open chests for lots of tokens.
Gaining an XP level up increases all damage by 5%. Change your team leader to boost as many heroes as possible.
3 Star all levels in a chapter for a gem reward.

Match Land Tip #2: Five Heroes.
Focus on your first 5 heroes and ignore other heroes you obtain throughout your adventure until they reached maximum level and stars.
Once they reach maximum level and stars, you can replace any character with epic heroes
Epic Heroes are more powerful and have more potential to improve than Regular and Rare Heroes.
But Epic Heroes are difficult and expensive to improve because they requires higher amount of coins and tokens.
However they will be a little bit easier to improve once you reach higher stages of the game.

Match Land Tip #3: Coins.
Upgrading too many heroes could cost you a lot of coins and evos for evolution.
Remember, coins are needed to improve heroes and your shops. Coins are the most valuable resources than Gems but you can exchange your Gems for Coins.
It is advisable to save your coins for upgrading your heroes and improving your shops, using them to buy tokens from daily market would be too costly.
You don't need tokens from daily market because you can get specific tokens to certain stages.

Match Land Tip #4: Gems.
They can be use to refill energy, revive your heroes, buy chests and coin exchange. Gems are premium currency that is difficult to obtain. You can get gems by finishing any stage with 3 stars (you can only get once per stage), having a maximum stars for a chapter and upgrading heroes. You can also get gems by a chance when you finish any stages, collecting profit from your shops.
The most efficient way to spend your precious gems is to buy chests.
There are three purchasable chest in the game: Treasure Chest costs 3 keys, Magic Chest costs 800 gems and Mystic Chests costs 3200 gems.
Mystic Chest has the best value compared to Magic Chest and if you can save a lot of gems then go for Mystic Chest for Epic Heroes, Tokens and huge amount of coins.

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