Onirim Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Winning the Game, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Onirim for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Onirim Tip #1: Objective of the Game.
Your Goal is to find the right oneiric doors!
Onirim is a solo game. You play against the game.
Your hand will always contain 5 cards.
Every time you play or discard cards, your hand will automatically be refilled until you have 5.
There are 3 different types of cards in the game.
- Location - Door - Dream.

Each Location card has a color and a symbol.
The location cards can be 4 different colors:
- Red - Green - Blue - Brown.
And have 3 different symbols.
- Sun - Moon - Key.

If the deck is ever reduced to zero, you lose the game!
The labyrinth, it is where you will play location cards in order to discover the oneiric doors.
Discard pile, it is where you will discard the cards you don't want to play.
Find all 8 and you escape the labyrinth and win the game!

Onirim Tip #2: Golden Rule.
There are 2 ways to discover an oneiric door.
- Play 3 cards of the same color consecutively in the Labyrinth.
- Have the key of the corresponding color in hand when drawing a door.

Remember that every time you play a card, you will draw another automatically from deck.
There is one golden rule about the labyrinth. A card played in the labyrinth may not have any symbol in common with the last card played.
For instance, you could not play your other sun if you just deploy a sun earlier, you will need to play either a moon or a key.
The color of the door you discover will always be the same as the last 3 cards you played in the labyrinth.
After discovering a door the deck is reshuffled.

There are 2 doors for each color in the game: red, blue, green and brown.
Once both doors of the same color are discovered, playing 3 cards consecutively of the same color will only shuffle the deck.
Keep looking for a way out of the labyrinth by discovering another door.

Onirim Tip #3: Nightmare.
There is only one type of dream card, the nightmare.
There are 4 different ways to resolve a nightmare card.
First you can discard all the cards in your hand.
Second, you can discard the top 5 cards of the deck.
Third, if you have a key in hand, you can discard it.
Finally, if you have atleast one discovered door, you can send this door into limbo.
Limbo is a temporary space for cards that are going to be reshuffled into the deck at the end of the turn.
After the nightmare is resolved, you will automatically draw cards until your hand is full of location cards.

When you draw a door from the deck, 2 things can happen.
If you have a key in your hand that is the same color as the door you just drew, you may immediately discard it to unlock the door.
If you do not have a key that is the same color as the door, the door is automatically placed in limbo.
When your hand is finally full again, all cards in limbo are reshuffled into the deck,

There are 10 nightmare cards shuffled into the deck in each game. Remember that playing a 4th or 5th card of the same color in a row won't do anything.
However, playing a 6th card of the same color would trigger another door discover (if doors of the color remain to be discover).

Onirim Tip #4: Prophecy.
To greatly improve your chances of discovering the remaining doors, you can trigger a Prophecy.
To trigger a Prophecy, you must discard a key.
Prophecies let you look at the top 5 cards of the deck.
Choose 1 card to be discarded and re-order the other 4 cards as you like.
Door cards cannot be discarded or you will lose the game. However, you can get rid of Nightmares this way.
The card you place furthest to the right will be discarded. The remaining cards will be drawn in the order you place them (from left to right).
When you are done ordering, click the Deck to end the Prophecy.

Onirim Tip #5: How to Win.
First, don't forget that keys are extremely powerful! With keys you can get rid of Nightmares, discover doors immediately, and trigger Prophecies.
Second, pay attention to the number of cards you have left in the deck! Every color has a 3 keys, 4 moons, and 6-9 suns.
Finally, during a Prophecy, if one of the cards you drew is a door, you can place it on top if you need to shuffle your deck.