Real Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Cheats: 3 Best Tips For Boxing, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Real Boxing: Manny Pacquiao for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Real Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Tip #1: Power Ups.
Heal Pack gives temporary 10% health boost.
This is great for boxers that has higher stamina over their opponents.
You don't need to knock the opponents out to win fights but you shouldn't be knocked out too.

Iron Fist gives 5 seconds to throw a devastating punch,
You can only throw a devastating punch once in 5 seconds limit.
When your opponent throws an attack and you dodge successfully, it is the time to throw a devastating punch because it amplifies your devastating punch with counter attack damage multiplier.

Battery gives instant full stamina recovery.
Throwing punches costs stamina and they recover overtime. You can also recover stamina by clinching an opponent and rapidly tap the screen.
It is better to use Battery when the opponent needs extra punches to knock them out.

Cat Paw gives 12 seconds of dodging without stamina charge.
Dodging costs stamina too, but you can use dodge without worrying about your stamina meter.
This is crucial if you use it to avoid a lot of punch and you can turn the tide of the battle by landing counter attacks for successful dodge.

Real Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Tip #2: Combo System.
Mix Left and Right punches to perform combos. Wait for your punch to land before throwing another one.
Combos are easier to pull off with higher speed stat.
Throw another punch when the glove icon turns yellow.
Chain 6 quick punches for instant 50% stamina recovery.

Real Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Tip #3: Controls.
Jab: Tap left to perform left jab and tap right to perform right jab.
Hook: Swipe to left to perform right hook and swipe right to perform left hook,
Uppercut: Swipe up to the left area screen to perform left uppercut and swipe up to the right area screen to perform right uppercut.
Dodge: Perform a successful dodge to earn stamina boost, then throw a devastating punch.
Clinch: When your health is low, Tap the clinch button to start a minigame which can regenerate your health.

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