SpongeBob Game Station Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Coins, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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SpongeBob Game Station for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

SpongeBob Game Station Tip #1: Pause to slow down.
When you pause the game, continue and home button will appear. If you choose to tap the continue button, the game will proceed but it will start slowly until it accelerates back to the original game speed. Fortunately, you can pause and continue any time you want, thus exploiting the slow effect of pausing the game. Sometimes there are difficult stages that has too many obstacles, by doing this simple tip, you can avoid obstacles and pass the stage easily.

There are three ways to pause in-game.
1. Tap the pause button at the corner top right of the game
2. Tap "onscreen back button".
3. Tap "Physical capacitive back button".
Tapping the physical capacitive back button is the most easiest way to pause in the game..
iPhones doesn't have capacitive back button, but not all android devices had physical capacitive back button either.
Using onscreen back button is the most difficult since it requires the user to tap the bottom area of the screen first before you can tap the onscreen back button.
If you don't have capacitive back button, then tapping the pause button at the corner top right of the game is the only effective way to pause the game.

SpongeBob Game Station Tip #2: Fast Coins.
Coins are important to upgrade or buy new characters in game. You can obtain coins in all stages, but the difficulty of obtaining coins are not equal. If you want to obtain more coins in a single run, start from the stage 1. You won't unlock any stages from doing that, but it is easier and faster to collect coins when you start at stage 1.
This is effective for completing the daily mission "Collect 30 King Coins during game play" and Collect 3000 coins during game play:. This will make you complete it by just playing 2 or 3 times only.

SpongeBob Game Station Tip #3: Daily Missions.
Daily missions will give you more coins and most importantly gems when you complete them.
Coin Rewards: Play Once, Play 3 Times, Dodge coins for 10 seconds, Collect 30 King Coins during game play and Collect 3000 coins during game play.
Gem Rewards: Open 3 bottles, Watch Ad 5 times and Complete all daily missions.
Make sure you can get them before they reset every midnight.

SpongeBob Game Station Tip #4: Assigning Best Character.
Assign your best character available to the second runner, while assign your second best character to the first runner.
The first runner will start the stage and when your first runner hits an obstacle or collide with an enemy, it will be eliminated and the second runner will replace him/her. When your second runner hits an obstacle or collide with an enemy, you have an option if you want to continue by watching a video ad or spending 15 gems or you can forfeit the game by choosing nothing for 5 seconds.
Once you watched a video ad or spend 15 gems, your second runner will re-enter from the stage continuing where it left. It is recommended to watch a video ad first if you plan to spend 15 gems because when you are eliminated again, the only option to continue is by spending with gems.

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