Tiny Cow Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Cheese & Cash, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Tiny Cows by Mindstorm Studios for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Tiny Cow Tip #1: Gameplay.
You get an earning bonus for every cow that's running to the milking station.
Your farm value is based on the growth of your farm.
Increase value to sell farm and purchase recipes to newly researched cheeses.
You only earn money for shipped cheese. Make sure to keep increasing your shipping capacity by adding vehicles and performing researches, as your cheese production grows.
Fleet size represents the amount of vehicles you can hire. Increase fleet size by performing researches.
Milking stations have build in cloning pods that clone cows internally even while you are away.
Earn more money while you are away by increasing quality.

Tiny Cow Tip #2: Prestige & Cheesy Bank.
Each Rennet Culture gives your farm a -10% earnings bonus.
Prestiging Completely Resets your progress but you keep your permit, cheesy bank, premium researches, diamond cheeses and rennet cultures and you come back stronger.

Diamond Cheese is added to your bank every time you purchase or research something.
Break it open to collect what's inside.
Cheese bank resets once broken open.

Tiny Cow Tip #3: Sick Cows, Baby Cows & Concerting Critters.
Sometimes if bad weather continues for a while, your Livestock may get sick.
They recover on their own, but while sick, their stats are reduced by half, and visitors will not want to take photos of the poor critters.
Remember to keep an eye on the weather

Adult Livestock can have babies if you place a certain object on a Ranch.
When you have enough baby Cows, you can organize a Concerting Critters event.
The number of baby Cows will never exceed that of adult ones.

Invite visitors to a concert featuring cuddly baby Cows.
You will first need to have enough baby Cows on the farm.
This type of event is particularly effective at leveling up visitors‘ Satisfaction. it takes place every September.

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