Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money Cheats: 6 Best Tips For Money, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money Tip #1: Spend cash to attract more customers.
Customers will increase the profit of a business.
But attracting (buying) customers will be more difficult to obtain as you improve your business over time.
Keep buying customers and collecting cash to make greasy money.
But you need to invest on other profitable business available in town to support your other businesses.

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money Tip #2: Boss Fight.
Tap as fast as you can to fill the card meter and win some extra prizes.
You'll get 1 card for every 1 full card meter you'd make when fighting the boss.
You need to use 5 or more fingers to rapidly tap the screen.
Other character bonuses will also help you to fill the card meter easily.

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money Tip #3: New Season.
At the end of each season, your customers are reset.
Any upgrades to your businesses or characters are permanent through.
If you are having hard time buying low income businesses when you just start a new season, you can  switch between buying single or multiple customers with the x1 and Max button..

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money Tip #4: Automated.
Open trunks to unlock new characters that will allow you to automate and increase profit of your businesses.
When a business is automated, it will collect it's profit automatically and you can still collect profit while you are away from the game.
This is why you should prioritize getting new characters or leveling "Cory" up, to be able to automate the collection of your business profits.

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money Tip #5: Renovate.
Renovation increases the profit and speed of businesses!
Use Business Cards and Liquor to Renovate your businesses and produce more cash!
Claim a free trunk from the store every 4 hours to gain business cards and liquors.

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money Tip #6: Spend Liquor and business cards when it is needed!
Characters other than Cory are required to automate in later seasons!
Spend liquor and cards to upgrade them.
However, you should only spend liquor and card the mission requires you to do it.
There are three mission slots available in the game, there's no need to actually spend liquor or cards to a certain mission if the other two mission can be achievable without spending any liquor and cards.
Because you may complete the mission without spending liquor and cards by obtaining new items from opening trunks, achievement rewards, other mission rewards and other possible ways.

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