Vongola Battle Cheats: Gift Codes & 3 Best Tips for Attacking, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Vongola Battle for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Vongola Battle Tip #1: Formation Table & Sequence.
Enemy/Friendly positions are subject to the following sequence.
B4 B5 B6
B1 B2 as Enemy
A1 A2 A3 Friendly
A4 A5 A6

During the battle with normal enemies, attacks will start following the sequence of A1-B1-A2-B2 --
If a position is empty or its guardian is dead/stunned, the next character will play.

Example: When Character A2 deals attack to a single target, the priority will be B2>B1>B3>B5:-B4:-B6.
When a prioritized target is dead or does not exist, the next target will be attacked.

Vongola Battle Tip #2: Active Skill.& Rage Recover.
A guardian's normal attack and active skills will attack the special target first.
When it is a single target, the one on the opposite position in the front will be attacked first. then the closest one, and finally the others.
Example: When Character A2 attacks a single target, the priority wit be B2:-Bl>B3:-B5>B4>B6. When a prioritized target is dead or does not exist, the next target will be attacked.

A guardian with 4 Rage will release cool active skills!
After the release, 4 Rage will be deducted.
When the required Rage for joint attack is available, stronger joint skills will be released.

A guardian may recover Rage by dealing normal attacks.
With [Auto Rage Recovery]. a guardian will gain extra Rage.
Some guardians have active skills that increase/reduce target guardians Rage.
Please use them well!

Vongola Battle Tip #3: Anomaly & Battle Haste.
Some guardian skills will bring poisoned/scorched/stunned effect.
The poisoned/scorched affect will deduct some HP from a guardian before each turn.
The stunned effect will freeze a guardian for a tum.

The first hand goes to the player with higher power.
Do try your best to boost your power!

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