20 Billion Wives Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Increasing LPS, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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20 Billion Wives for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

20B Wives Tip #1: Gameplay. 
This is a game where you must marry many girls.
Tap the "Path to Love's Abode" to hand in your marriage registration. If you submit it, your love will increase.
Love Per Second (LPS) have started to increase because power of love your Wife.
The more level you earn, the more Love you get. After the app is closed, LPS will continue to increase for an hour.

20B Wives Tip #2: Buy the latest Wife.
If you can't afford to buy a new wife and your current LPS needs a boost, just spend your remaining LPS to your latest wife.
Avoid buying other wives, because it will only give a little boost to your LPS. You might spend a lot of Love amount to other wives and receive a little LPS in return.
But it is recommended to save your Love amount if you can buy a new wife for waiting a few seconds or few minutes.

20B Wives Tip #3: The Multiplier Items.
Every wife has three items each. These items can multiply the Love Per Second of the wives.
The first item of the wife can be unlocked already when you acquired/bought them.
The first item will multiply the LPS by twice once you bought the item.
The second and third item will multiply the LPS by ten fold or times ten. However you can only unlocked and buy them for a specific levels.
The second item requires level 20 and the third item requires level 100.
Buying the first item can be easily achieved while the other two items takes time and huge amount of Love.
Once you bought the second item, it is advisable to buy up to 10-20 more levels. Take the advantage of the new multiplier because it will give you a huge LPS boost.
As for the third item, it's still the same, once you bought the third item, just level up it for another 10-20 levels.
Once you get multiplied by tenfold, it gives a massive amount of LPS compared to buying a new wife.

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