7 Paladins Cheats: CDK Codes & 4 Best Tips for Rewards, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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7 Paladins for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

7 Paladins Tip #1: Increasing the Power of Paladins.
Power is a rank for a Hero or group of Heroes that is calculated from their Attributes and Skills.  It is a good “first glance” representation for a Hero’s strength but you can use any number of combinations of Heroes to find the ones that work best together and work best against other teams.

The border colors around Gear indicate the rarity of the item.  For example a Blue Item is more rare than a Green Item and will bestow a greater stat boost upon equipping.

7 Paladins Tip #2: CDK Code.
To help you achieve the goal of becoming the greatest Paladin and protecting the world from the power of the Devil, a good mimin will give free CDK Code

1. Click the icon "Event Meriah"

2. Click CDK

3. Enter Code 8MRUY8YE111

4. You'll receive the corresponding rewards based on your inputted code.

Use that relief pack to get 7 Paladin power!

7 Paladins Tip #3: Recharge.
During the event, recharge certain totals to obtain specified amounts of Gold.
You can obtain a variety of rare resources and items!
You can get 50,000 Gold and 5 Artifact EXP Advanced for a total recharge 250 diamonds.
You can get 50 Refine Stone - Ultimate and a chance to choose 1 of 6 legendary artifact shards for a total recharge 600 diamonds.
You can get 10 Energy Booster and 500 Artifact Refine Stone for a total recharge 1600 diamonds.

Recharge any amount to obtain 4-star Hero and packs!
You only have one chance! What are you waiting for?
We recommend you recharge to obtain a monthly card and collect 250 diamonds and 30 days of free diamond.

7 Paladins Tip #4: Daily Check In, 7 Day Rewards and Level Rewards.
You can get rewards each month according to your total check-ins.
Players who reach the required VIP levels can get double rewards!
If you want the second reward (but you don't meet the VIP requirement, you can upgrade your VIP level on that day and still get the reward.
Note: Daily check in rewards are calculated every day at 6:00. If you forget to collect them on that day, you can't get them again later.

Login daily and you will obtain different rewards for each day up to the 7th day.
In 7th day login, you will obtain 150,000 gold, 500 gems and 150 hero token.
It will reset back to the 1st day login rewards after the 7th day login.

You'll get awesome rewards for every 5th level up you achieved.
The game is currently is capped at level 80. Reach higher levels to obtain awesome and powerful rewards.

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