City Mania by Gameloft Cheats: 6 Best Tips For City Expansion, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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City Mania: Town Building Game By Gameloft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

City Mania by Gameloft Tip #1: City Population and Happiness.
The most important indicator of a city's progress is its population total.
To increase population, expand your city's territory, optimize its layout, provide services.and
earn Stars for your Bizzies.
Population is mainly increased through constructing residential buildings.
Higher-level buildings can accommodate more citizens.
Happiness also plays a big role in population totals. as unhappy citizens will leave their houses and the population total will drop. You can review your population and Happiness totals in the main city view.

City Mania by Gameloft Tip #2: Roads.
Every building in your city must be connected to a road in order to be functional.
Road construction and removal is free. so experiment with road placement to find
the optimal layout for your city.

City Mania by Gameloft Tip #3: Upgrading Residential Buildings.
To grow your city. focus on constructing residential buildings, and then upgrading them to their max level. Upgrading residential buildings will grant you an improved version of the house. XP. Coins, and an increased population. Buildings can only be upgraded to a set level.

City Mania by Gameloft Tip #4: Production.
Producing items is essential to city development. as various combinations of them are required for each residential building upgrade.
Production is done in factories and businesses:
Factories produce raw materials which require only time to complete. while businesses produce finished goods that require both time and other items to be completed.
The production capacity of your city is limited by the number of production buildings and their respective production slots.
Constructing production buildings costs Coins.
A production building's efficiency can be boosted by assigning Bizzies to work in them.

City Mania by Gameloft Tip #5: Storage.
Every produced item and rare item takes up space in Storage. which is limited.
The limit is low at first, but can be further expanded by paying with more and more rare items for each upgrade step.

When gour Storage is full, no more items can be collected for the city.

City Mania by Gameloft Tip #6: City Expansion.
There are more than 30 land expansion plots around the starter city area. which can
be purchased to increase available space for development.
Land expansion plots can be purchased by paying with rare items.
The further the land expansion plot
from the starter area. the more rare item will need to be paid to purchase it

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