Fatal Raid Cheats: 2 Best Tips for FPS Raiding, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Fatal Raid Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Fatal Raid Tip #1: FPS Tips.
Weapon Switching
Switch to a different firearm depending on your depending on your combat situation, and make the most of your weapons.
Equip a better secondary weapon to swap between two weapons anytime, incase your primary weapon ammo is not enough.

Improve Survivability.
You can improve your HP and Shield.
Increase HP: Your MaX HP increases when your level up.
Improve Shield: Reinforce your shield by upgrading your armor parts.
Incharge mode you receive rewards based on how many zombie waves you clear.

FPS Modes.
Sniping Match: Sniper Rifles only. Pit your Sniping Skills against other players.
Defensive Match: Harvest EXP, Gold, and Weapon Growth Cards in this auto play mode.
Your shield slowly regenrates when you do not receive damage.

Visit The Black Market.
Exchange Firearm: You can exchange unwanted firearms for others of the same star grade.
Part Extraction: Disassemble Firearms and get parts for the same kind of firearm.
Complete Daily Achievements and get a variety of rewards.

Fatal Raid Tip #2: Raid Tips.
Raid a fortress by taping the "Start Battle" button in the Battle screen.
Make sure your raid party is setup the way you like first.
You can win a raid by earning more stars than your opponent.
You earn one star for destroying the Enemy's Base.
Another two stars can be earned for destroying 40% and 60% of the rooms in the defending base.
The defending base will get a star for every character that is KO'd so pay attention to your Character's health.

The raid vaults are the main way of earning new cards and card duplicates, along with gold.
Earn raid vaults by successfully raiding enemy bases, but watch that you have available spots for them.
Raid vaults are locked when earned, and must be unlocked after a set period of time, or immediately by using crowns.

A shield gets automatically enabled when an attacking player earns a star.
The more stars the attacker earns, the longer the shield will be.
Shields prevent your bases from being attacked.
Its duration will be shortened if you go on raids yourself.

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