Grow Stone Online Cheats: Coupon Number & 5 Best Tips for Stones, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Grow Stone Online by SUPERCAT for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Grow Stone Online Tip #1: Upgrading Backpack.
Combine two same stones to produce a better stone, you can combine the better stone with the same stone and you will even get more powerful stone. However 1 stone consumes 1 item slot in the backpack. Therefore you can only create powerful stone depending on your item slot in the backpack.
Upgrading Backpack gives you an extra item slot, remember extra item slot can produce 1 new powerful stone.
Spend coins to upgrade your backpack, the higher the level your backpack are, the higher the cost to level up it.

Grow Stone Online Tip #2: Upgrading Stones.
Combining stones create better stones but you can also improve your stones by upgrading it.
Same as upgrading your backpack, upgrading stones requires coins too.
It is recommended to level up your available stones to level 5. Upgrading it too much will make your progress slower because you should spend your coins in upgrading your Backpack.

Grow Stone Online Tip #3: Hit'N'Run.
Use hit and run strategy when facing tough enemies. When you kill tough enemies, you will receive a huge amount of experience and coins. You can also hit other enemies that are being attacked by other players. You will still obtain those experience and coins depending on the damage you deal to the enemies. Kill Steal doesn't affect the amount of exp and coins obtain. Don't forget to run when you hit enemies that are chasing other players. They might attack you, so be extra careful.

Grow Stone Online Tip #4: Passive Leveling Up and Earning Coins.
It is the opposite of tip number 3. Search for a field that has an enemies that you can kill in just few hits only. Make sure you won't receive attack damage from enemies by kill them before they can hit you. You will earn coins slower than doing hit and run on tough enemies. But you can earn coins passively by turning the auto attack on. Make sure that your screen is on, so that your character will automatically kill enemies and earn coins and experience passively.

Grow Stone Online Tip #5: Spend Rubies to upgrade the Speed of the Auto Attack.
Ruby is the premium currency of the game. You can buy potions with rubies, you can also upgrade attack power, critical rate, gain gold, magnet, ruby box, growth skill, max hp and the speed of Auto Attack. You can obtain 5 rubies by watching a video ad. However you can only watch a video ad per 15 minutes. Don't forget to watch an ad when it is available. spend rubies to improve your gameplay.
Upgrading the speed of Auto Attack makes your DPS or Damage Per Second go higher.
Both effective on doing tip #3 (Hit'N'Run) and tip #4 (Passive Leveling Up and Earning Coins).                                                                                                                                                                            
Grow Stone Online Coupon Number Code: 476978663.

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