Hydraulic Press Pocket Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Pressing, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Hydraulic Press Pocket for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Hydraulic Press Pocket Tip #1: Streaks.
Category Streak.
Crush items from the same category consecutively to earn rewards.
However, to obtain more subscribers, you should avoid doing the same item again and again and again.
You will lose subscribers but if you don't have another item that has same category, just choose that item to retain your category streak.

Comments Streak.
Ignoring the comments will reset your streak! Same as the category streak, comments streak will give you bonus subscribers. The longer the streak, the higher number of subscriber you'll receive.
However, it is more difficult than category streak because you will be given 3 comments and you need to rate correctly in all comments after a video uploaded. One mistake rate will reset your comment Streak.

Hydraulic Press Pocket Tip #2: Gear.
You can fix or repair your gear by tapping it or instantly repair your gear by spending gems.
Having a full repair gear will produce great performance.
Having a broken gear while filming will interrupt your filming.
You can also upgrade your gear by using your own money.

Hydraulic Press Pocket Tip #3: Pressure.
Build up power by keeping the pressure on the power section.
Your press takes damage based on the color the pressure is on.
You won't take no damage when you are on the white zones.
You'll take little damage when you are on the yellow zones.
You'll take medium damage when you are on the orange zones.
You'll take high damage when you are on the red zones.

Hydraulic Press Pocket Tip #4: Collaborations.
Collaborations earn you money which can be doubled with diamonds.
Make sure when you do collaboration videos, you should have a healthy gear at all times because collaboration videos have huge rewards if you achieve to have a good quality video.

Hydraulic Press Pocket Tip #5: Limited Time Events.
Once you've unlocked the Hypertube building.
You can begin participating in special limited-time events.
Each month there is a set of 4 exclusive buildings which can be collected during the event.
Once you've obtained all 4 exclusive buildings, you'll be granted the main reward for the month: a unique Landmark building.

During the limited-time event. you can open Limited-time Crates by completing Limited-Time Orders inside the Hypertube building.
You can do this by completing orders for produced items and spending Stamps.

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