Iron Giants Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Boss & Raid, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Iron Giants by PlayMotion Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Iron Giants Tip #1: Raiding Other Players.

Raids allow a player to attack another player’s base to earn medals and generate and steal Raid Chips, which are used in the Raid Store to purchase Sparks and other useful items.

Raids currently unlock at commander level 6.

Raid tickets are used to start a raid and find new opponents. They regenerate 1 every hour and have a capacity of 3.

Each Raid costs one Raid Ticket. These items refresh after a period of time much like Mission Energy and Stamina. Once used, you’re brought to the opponent selection screen where you have 60 seconds to choose your opponent. You can also re-roll your selection for a chance at weaker opponents by using another Raid Ticket.

Once a Raid begins, you have 15 minutes to battle to and defeat the base Boss. By defeating the boss, your Raid will be successful and you’ll gain Raid medals and tokens (medals are used for your Leaderboard rating and tokens are used as currency in the Raid Store). If you are defeated or time runs out during a Raid attempt, this will count as a failure and your Raid will be unsuccessful. This will also lead to your opponent receiving a “Successful Defense” which provides them with Raid Medals and tokens.

Iron Giants Tip #2: Earn Raid Chips in two ways:
You steal a percentage of your opponents Raid Chips if you are successful.
You earn Raid Chips for defeating Boss while Raiding another player. These are awarded to you immediately, even if you fail the raid.

Only Raid-specific items can be used on a Raid. Repair Kits and Revives are available for use. There is a limit on the number of items that can be used in a single Raid.

When you are attacked, you have the opportunity to attack the player back. This is supported even if the attack was a failure. The same rules for raiding apply for revenge; it costs 1 raid ticket, and you are able to steal raid chips from the player. The opportunity to revenge expires after a certain amount of time.

Iron Giants Tip #3: Raid Shields.

Raid Shields temporarily protect your Base from being Raided by other players for a set amount of time, which prevents other players from taking your accumulated Raid Chips and Medals. Once a Raid Shield has been applied to your Base, you are prevented from Raiding any other players until the Raid Shield has expired.

You can find these in your Store, under “SHIELDS”. There are three kinds of Shields, depending on the length of time the Shield is active:
4 Hour - Costs 15 Energon
12 Hour - Costs 40 Energon
24 Hour - Costs 75 Energon

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